One of the best bands best songs | Reviewer: Matt | 9/22/07

I am literally in love with this song...heard them first off in 2006, first song i heard and it blew me away...listened to the entire cd on my way home from oxegen and was instantly in love... neon bible and the Arcade fire EP also incredible, theyre so unique yet in such an amazing way, and they do not disappoint live. Saw them at oxegen this year (Front row, very proud!) and im seeing them in dublin in october, and i cannot wait. It just fills you with so many emotions, and the crescendo through the song is amazing, and renees voice at the end is awesome. My friends describe them as "church music" but they are the best band in the world!

still listening. | Reviewer: Dreamer | 9/16/07

This song is for me and for many the first I/they heard from arcade fire. It blew me away, i sat lost in the music and then i played it again, and again. Its nearly two years later, and I'm still listening. The only other bands that I can say that about is blink-182 and counting crows. plz... no hate about my musical taste. Just be cool, accept music is as varied as the people listening.

Tunnels | Reviewer: spencer | 7/17/07

I think i have listened to this song a millions times, it goes on every compilation i ever make. It really does do something to you from start to finish everything workd to perfection. Thank god that this band exist, they just cannot be defined or pigeon-holed and i am so gled others feel the same way.

Amazing | Reviewer: Slen | 5/14/07

I saw them in concert, and there are no words that can come close to the experience. Best night of my life.

gigantic | Reviewer: Nelson | 5/1/07

This track grows on you. Literally, from the beginning to the end on it grows to become gigantic!

Fight fire with the Arcade Fire. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/07

The Arcade Fire is... quite simply... one of the voices of our new generation. They put to music, lyrics that stand in defiance to everything truly ridiculous.

Listen to the new Album. neon bible is going to be amazing.

Awesome track! | Reviewer: Clark | 3/4/07

This track strikes some nerve. Can't really explain. Love the sound. However, the melody/chords seem somewhat derivative of The Pixie's "Where is My Mind" but rendered in the style of Interpol's "Turn on the Bright Lights". Still, I'm glad I've added this to my collection.

Arcade Fire Gig | Reviewer: Alex | 2/12/07

A friend went to see them play in a church and sayed they were mind blowing.

Agree w/ Andy | Reviewer: Casey | 11/4/06

This song is amazing. Great tune and its just one of those songs that people need to hear. This story needs to be told... its just a great piece

coin a new sound | Reviewer: Nick | 8/23/06

"Different" can be very cool.

Arcade Fire is one of those music-talent-saturated groups that switches instruments during performances--a group that can coin a new sound that flips even more groups. Then the record companies can name and package that new sound like they did with "grunge".

Breathtaking! | Reviewer: Andy | 7/3/06

I don`t know if anyone else feels the same way as I do about this track,but I am completely blown away by it.Love it a whole bunch...Andy