Overthinking? | Reviewer: Aza | 7/11/12

Music is everything to anybody - exactly what you want it to be, and what it should be. We all interpret it differently, and that's okay. I love it, so I will listen to it. Infect my soul with your magic!

Arcade Fire | Reviewer: Rachel Natale | 2/7/12

just a response to Kacee's review..I am glad you like the song but Arcade Fire is NOT a one hit wonder by any means. They are one of the best canadian artists today and their new record is unbelievable..sorry just had to clarify this is an old song of theirs and each record is better than the last!!

absolutely pure flow of orgasmic emotions...fluttering in my heart | Reviewer: kacee | 10/23/11

I fell in love with this one hit wonder a few days ago after watching David suzuki's forces of nature movie. This song was played at the end of the movie... it sums up everything what david has been saying about us, the environment and every thing that makes LIFE.

stop arguing | Reviewer: Ross | 2/1/11

All forms of art are down to your own interpretation of what they mean, so it doesnt matter if Win was meaning something else when he wrote the lyrics, all that matters is what the words and the song means to you, so please.. SHUT THE FUCK UP ARGUING and just enjoy the song for the beautiful piece of art that it is.

The meaning is pretty obvious | Reviewer: Manny | 10/8/10

Jerrie is dead on. There is no need to interpret the lyrics--it's pretty obvious Win is singing about what he thought the evolution of a relationship with a soulmate would look like. There is no greater meaning found in alchemy or theology...lead turning into gold is an obvious reference to alchemy but it's also common cultural phrasing.

Another amazing by Arcade Fire | Reviewer: Stephanie | 8/29/10

Actually Jerry, Nancy is right!
Jerry and Nancy are both right, it is an obvious song but, it also has metaphoric elements in it. The song is obvious but it's also metaphoric in many ways so... and it wouldn't be a surprise since many of Arcade's other songs(not to say all of them) are also metaphoric and have incluided spiritual stuff, society's problems like in the last cd's and other things that are quite profound.

You guys are interpreting the lyrics wrong | Reviewer: Jerrie | 8/14/10

Many of the interpretations here are pretty far out. They are about someone sneaking out of their room, and meeting someone else, then moving away. Completing each other. Losing contact with everyone, having kids. Becoming adults and thinking about their younger days and wonder what the hell ever happened to their parents. It's actually quite obvious, but without knowing it, the lyrics seem pretty obscure. But once you know it, it makes more than perfect sense.

Alchemy | Reviewer: Nancy | 3/12/10

The lyrics, "You change all the lead
sleepin' in my head to gold...Purify the colours, purify my mind",
seems like a reference to the spiritual change symbolized
by the transmutation process of lead to gold according to
Alchemy. Win Butler was a theology major and many of Arcade Fire's lyrics seem to deal with viewing the world a new, free of
societal programming.....Analysis aside.....FREAKIN' AWSOME SONG!!! Arcade Fire is SOOO RAD!!!! One of the most innovative and tightest acts of this or any other era! Every song is well crafted and wrought with passion! Greatness is truly rare.

Perfect | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/24/10

This song reminds me of growing up. Maybe I'm biased because I am currently in the process of realizing and accepting that I'm getting older now and entering adulthood and it's freaking me out, but that's beside the point. I think it starts out at a "young love" type scenario of teenagers who still live at home with their parents: "then I'll dig a tunnel from my window to yours" All they want to do is escape their homes and be with eachother. but then, their "skin gets thicker from living out in the snow." They miss the symbolic warmth of their homes and "remember our bedrooms,
and our parent's bedrooms.." But now it's too late, they're too old to go back to that stage of life. They miss it and feel as if they wasted their youth; they took advantage of it while they had it.

Sick | Reviewer: Brynner | 7/8/09

I love the piano in this song, as well as most else about it. Most of the lyrics are just too random for my liking (we remember our bedrooms etc), but then some of the lyrics I just love (...sleeping in my head). I was listening to it at my bus stop and it sounded so good that it almost made me sick (I mean I had such a good reaction to the piano that I felt like being sick), hence my review's title.

Different | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/09

At first when I heard this song, I was completely blown away by the musical intro, until I got to the lyrics. I couldn't stand it for too long, and turned it off. The next day I had the song stuck in my head, and listened to it again, and the song was just completely beautiful from start to finish. I'm not sure what it was, but I think the Arcade Fire is definitely an acquired taste of sorts.

superb! | Reviewer: charlie | 11/14/07

This is a terrific song. This and rebellion (lies) are my two favorite Arcade Fire songs. This is a must see band.

Awesonme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

When I first heard this song driving somewhere with my brother, the conversation ended and I had to listen. This song renewed my interest in popular music. I had to listen to it over and over.

Just a couple of small details | Reviewer: Lon | 10/15/07

I totally agree with you all about the magnificence of this song!!
However, there's a couple of details on the lyrics that don't match with the lyrics printed on the leaflet of "funeral".
-End of second verse is "well waht ever happened to them?!". no "hell" on it.
-End of the song is "spread the ashes of the colors over this heart of mine", not "in".

Just so it's perfectly transcribed, hope nobody minds.

Timeless... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

I agree with other posters here, this song hits you. It's now Monday and I saw them play it live this past Saturday night in NYC - add Arcade Fire to the list of live bands to see before you die! (along with U2, Pogues, Oasis etc)