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------ performed by The All-American Rejects

Media Coursework | Reviewer: nataley | 12/15/08

I agree with the video being about that one day the rich are going to have their world crashing down on them and that the poor society are sick of getting nothing compared to the rich. Im thinking of doing this song for my Media coursework and was wondering what anyone thought on a few ideas? I've had a few of where maybe someone could be holding the world up and it comes crashing down, but this would be fairly obvious. Or maybe like mizing the video with animation and having heads being crushed, but obviously it not shown them being crushed, i think this would be a rather cool idea tbh. But can someone please give me some feedback and maybe tell me what you'd like to see in this video?
Thanks :)

FAR OUT MAN | Reviewer: kronick | 5/27/08


Seriously | Reviewer: me | 2/18/08

How is everything about Bush and Iraq? That doesn't even make sense. There's a hundred million things wrong with the world, but it'sa song written about Bush's profit margin.

The guy sucks as a president, but be serious.

President Bush | Reviewer: shadeburn | 9/15/07

I don't think this song is about social status as much as politics. It's about President Bush's false war in Iraq. The war is not about weapons of mass destruction. It's about his stock in the oil companies. The united states is in Iraq so that the US president and vice president's profit margin doesn't decrease.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

I found this song about the time the all american rejects came out with dirty little secret. I listen to it all of the time. It has the highest play count on my iTunes by far. It is my favorite song of all time for and i dont think another song can pass it. I put it on when i clean my house and it gets me motivated. Its a bit dangerous when driving and listening to this song cause of its fast pace beat. So basically i love this song!!!

Burnout Revenge | Reviewer: Joe! | 8/20/07

I first heard this song in the playstation 2 gane Burnout Revenge.

I thought WOW this is an amazing song. if you listein to it loud on your mp3 player or mobile through headphones when your cycling really fast or whatever. this really gets you adrenaline pumping! its a legend song. i listen to it all the time. i sent it to my friend and she thought the beggining of this song is a bot weird.

about 2 days later she said she really got into this song! she likes it alot. she even compared it to be as good as kanye west! and i think it is as good. I am English and if they haven't already launched over here then I would definately buy this single! i mean its a legendary song. although i have it on my computer already and i can burn cd's but i would stil buy it! and the lyrics mean so much to me. i used to know someone who goes to a private school and he said they were a lot like the people who go there!!

legend song!

Great | Reviewer: Fan | 7/12/07

Like "Anonymous", I wonder why this band isn't as popular as many others. A lot of their songs I would've never even heard of if I hadn't investigated the band for myself. Now, some of these lesser known songs are my favorites, better than the more popular ones like Move Along and Dirty Little Secret(though both of those songs are fantastic).

Top of the world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/07

I love it, they sing really good. I wonder why arent they so popular

WIKID! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/07

This is an awsome song by AAR! I'm sooo gonna learn it with my band... The meaning of the song is basically about social status and what Nick is trying to say is that The Rich are greedy and are just getting greedier. He is tring to say that one day the "top of the world" (where they are (top status)) "falls on you" (It will come crashing down one day). WHAT AN AWESOME SONG!!!

WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

I'm amazed, really. This band is the best ever. They amaze me all the time. Thumbs up!

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