This should be on Guitar Hero! | Reviewer: AAR fan | 6/17/07

This song has such a great guitar part. Especially at the beginning and there's also an awesome solo. It should definitely be on Guitar Hero 3!

OMG!I LUV THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: $--[A]sh--$ | 6/18/07

i have liked this song ever since i watched the movie jhon tucker must die! i also luv the all american rejects othe song P.S I LOVE YOU its soooooo kewl!!

THIS BAND IS SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! | Reviewer: Hannah | 6/14/07

I love this band so much. Dirty little secret is my favorite song by them!!!!!!

Little story... | Reviewer: Diana | 6/13/07

I just got back from camp and our cabin's song was Dirty Little Secret. We drove everyone CRAZY with it!

Dirty Little Secret | Reviewer: damar | 6/11/07

this is a good song and I'm like did congrulation for all american reject

Lyrics | Reviewer: Tymber | 6/2/07

I luv these lyrics.there is one problem in the chores though.where it says"Tell me all that you've throun put"Tell me all that you throught away.luv ya.bye P.S. Luv the reminds me of my boyfriend

grammar | Reviewer: jenna | 6/2/07

the grammar error in this song is kinda bothersome.. it should be "You are the only one who needs to know" many songs do this

Wow!! | Reviewer: jax | 5/29/07

I love this song...its funny tho...whenit first came out i didn't really like it that much...but now its my new favorite song!!

LUV this song and them !!! | Reviewer: JW | 5/29/07

I love his song and this band too ! they totally rock !!! their album was sweet ...The lyrics are awesome and it has a great beat.

ALL AMERICAN REJECTS: TYSON | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/07

thanks im really amazed at how exited you are i also have a song called move along so try it!

dirty little secret. | Reviewer: Scorpions | 5/27/07

I have never ever ever heard this band music just about them. I surprised me like crap when I heard this song. It is totally wickedly awsome. I knew the song in 2 hearings. Rock on all american rejects.

O.M.G. | Reviewer: Celinie | 5/26/07

This song reminds me of my boyfriend Kastle. He is sooo hott. Just like this song! I have this song on my Ipod twice! I love you All-American Rejects! And you too, Kastle! LOL

Sad realization. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

I loved the song so much until I was corrected as to the lyrics. I thought it said give you my dirty little secret. It made the song so much better. I wouldnt like to be kept ANYONES secret. Dont you think if you were important enough to them then they wouldnt try to hide you?

my dirty lil secret | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

this song reminds me of spike from buffy so this makes it my FAV song i rate them 5/5

Go All American Rejects! | Reviewer: Bennet | 5/10/07

I Love Dirty Little Secret Thank You All American Rejects