i guess its really suits me | Reviewer: julia | 1/11/14

im my favorite guy's dirty little secret. he already in relationship but still , we have some kind of secret affairs . the reality is sad but i would cherish all our time together :')

Dirty little secret | Reviewer: Silverdream | 8/15/13

Honestly I used to like this song be because my sister had it on her neopets profile and now that im older listening to again it reminds me of this guy iv known for three years now because hes a family friend, all my family thinks were just friends who may like eachother my best friend knows what's going on but really I'm a sweet girl who wouldn't do much except with him, it's a dirty secrete, no one has to know

dirty little secret | Reviewer: Spartan193 | 7/19/13

firts i have to say the english are not my native language.
i like this song because remember me my last relationship, yeah we have a lot and dirty secrets, several times not so little or secret, she was crazy for me at the begining (2 months of met her) she wants sex i refuse i was in shock in that moment, next time (3 months later) in a forest exactly in a sky view... on my town, you know ^^, unfortunely a kid see us in the act (that was very funny) she worry for the video (has not been video) of the kid take us, because her dad and brother are porn adicts.
well we did it in a house of her friends, in the library of the university, in the forrest, in a bus, in a dark corner of the main street, so dirty secrets, now every one has take diferent ways in the life, she forgot the relationship but no the secrets i was the first man in her life, once we will run away, i lost my time 1 year 8 months but i still remember every time that collect these moments very very funnies.

Secret | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/12

This song is so good! My Dirty litte secret is still a secret for now. Its about a girl i realy like and even might be in love with her but i dont want anyone to know but her and so far her and two other people know that i like her.

This song states how I feel. | Reviewer: Confoosed | 12/30/11

My friend and I just recently started dating but we can't tell anyone because we don't know how they would react two days ago we almost got caught making out in my grandmas kitchen. Our age difference is three years he is younger but very mature I mean he is eighteen so I am a bit confused he came on to me but for the last 2 yrs I kinda liked him did not know he liked me too until 3 days ago in this costume shop he started kissing me. Ugh so confoosed

Maybe it's this: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/2/11

He and his parents are kind of rich. He's in love with a girl that's not so much, but still pretty normal. They start to date secretly, but if his parents find out they'll disown him or something because they're sticklers for appearances.

I am his dirty little secret:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/11

I am my best guy friends dirty little secret I like him and he pretty much uses me for whatever he needs We spent two hours together in a hottub feeling each other up and he still just keeps me a secret We arent together but he treats me like we are when w are alone He knows the Games i dont wanna play And all the time he tells me not to tell anybody sad sad that i liet hi do this to me

yyeee ! | Reviewer: katie | 5/23/11

I lovee this song, caause its like the situation im in atm...I went to a party at my bestfriends boyfriends house and she wasnt there.. &me and him botth got really drunk &had sex.. Now its our dirty litttle secret..

The meaning of this song could be | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/11

I love his song because it is exactly the situation I am with my friend. He's nice and we're really good friends but recently I started liking him a little so now he's my dirty little secret. It's sort of like I kind of like him but no one really needs to know and we're friends so it's cool. I think that's sort of what the song is saying. Hat he likes her but no one really needs to know and that's his secret and he'll tell her but she shouldn't make anything of it because he only likes her a little. That they have a great time together but all the public should see is just two friends.

my dirty little secret!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

well this song reminds me when well i used to have a freind named regan in 1st grade we were walking laps and she told me her secret\dirty little secret she told me that my freind bree liked drake she told me to never ever to tell anyone but it somehow went haywire and somehow me and regan became sworn enemys and in 2nd grade i told my freind jordyn and i told her that i was gonna tell bree and i did she said who told u i said lets just say a serten freind of urs im sorry but icant tell the rest ok i can bree said she didnt like him so i said ok it turns out regan liked drake 2 so i started talking to drake and hanging out with him so regan could be jelous turns out me and drake didnt like each other actualy we were just hangin but other guys were staring at me and drake so i stoped hangin with him and started hangin with another dude ha ha regan is so gulible!!

my 1st grade dirty little secret | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

i love this song cause it reminds me of my dirty little secret in 1st grade when i liked a person he taught me stuff he was my freind until i told my other freind jordyn that i liked him she told another person so it was a rumor so i got in a fight with her until a month later i forgived her now we r great freinds but now i hate him cause he said he liked a girl named rider so i gave up which really is bad cause he was nice and sweet but i moved on to another guy he's funny and nice rumor says he likes me back!!!

i dont know about this!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

i LOVE THIS SONG its awesome it remines me of my secret i like this guy named robert hes funny and nice but he is a weirdo so i bite my cheek when im next to him but now im jelous cause i told him what my freind maya said and he smiled at her not like a freindly smile like a good smile uggg now i dont know what to do now i hate myself but my freind marcus told me that robert liked me but i cant believe that now but i cant have my heart broken for the 3rd time im so confused what should i do should i give up and have my heart broken for the 3rd time or should i still like the guy ?

Yea | Reviewer: Yasmin | 3/9/11

Well i love this song cus me and my bf are ready for that... Step.. And are parents will kill us if they fond out... Soo that's are dirty little secret...
But I have my own dirty little secret... And I'm over with it but I had one, and i still feel guilty about it :/

bad secret | Reviewer: lexi marlar | 11/8/10

i love this song because it helps me with the crisis that i am in right now because i did something that my parents would kill me for if they found out. And this song explains that i do have a dirty little secret and no one but me and two people know about!!!!:)

julz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/10

I'm in a relationship with three guys at the same time. One is really hot, the other one is crazy but very smart and the other one is just rich. I can't make up my mind so I decide to keep the three of them. They all think I'm in love with them and I don't feel guilty.