Secret | Reviewer: Silver | 6/6/10

This song is so good! It helped me in a bad time just like Move Along did too! My Dirty litte secret is no longer really a secret. But I feel like it is. I was raped by my step dad who is now in prison for the next thirty years. The rape used to be my dirty little secret until I told someone. The DLS can be anything. I have a couple more but those aren't as important as that.

Yep... | Reviewer: shattered tears | 3/23/10

I love this song. it helps me get through so much. Like today, i was having a horrible day, and now i'm sitting here with a half-broken-sprained foot, and i just can cry cuz everything is wrong!!!!! This song helps me to realize that others have problems and aggravations and saddness too. My heart goes out to all of you. Stay strong ;(

Oh well! | Reviewer: Alley | 12/29/09

This song reminds me of just this one guy I've dated. His name was Ryan and he didn't want his friends to know about me. I put up with it for about 2 months then I told him if he didn't want anyone to know about me then it was over. I could'nt live a life with someone that snuck around with other girls not to mention he snuck him sneaking around with my sister. So I found another guy. His best friend Dallas. I told Ryan I was over him. And you know what Dallas treated me with respect and he showed me off to all of his friends including Ryan. Other than that I love this song. I listen to it all the time with my Dallas.

Omg! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/09

I love this song! Listening to it rite now! It kinda sucks being the secret girl though. Ya'll can only act lovey dovey alone. Not around everyone. But then again, its kinda hot to give eachother that smexy lil secret smirk!
<3 my Dirty lil Secret Luvah! lol

bahaha xD | Reviewer: Briellle Boo. | 8/24/09

this song, is great :] me and my sexy ass Alex all the way.. yeuh.. he's gotta a girl, and we've never met in person.. but we like always flirt and what not.. and we both really like each other.. but he's gotta a girl and we are far away.... so i'm his durrtyy little secret :]

i love alex hunter<3

omg | Reviewer: Elizabeth haha | 12/8/08

like this fits my life because i have a friend and we mess around like we go out but we dont.. and thats what he means by dirty little secret because he says i will keep u my dirty little secret, And the boy i said im friends with hes like my dirty little secret.. thats why i love this song !! :) Very hot song WAY 2 GO :)

pin ball | Reviewer: caitlin | 11/23/08

one time i listened to this song when i was playing pin ball and now every time i play pin ball i have to listen to it.

it's so awesome !

i've had it for like one month and i've listened to it like 50 times !!!!

I am a secret. | Reviewer: Stephanie | 2/8/08

This song fits my relationship perfectly. It's really a sad song if you think about it. I have been a secret from all of my bf friends for almost a year. It's really hard to see all these girls come after your guy and not be able to tell them to back off because they don't know any better.

Rock On!! | Reviewer: Rosalina | 11/26/07

this song is 1 of my favorite songs that AAR has!! this song is totally awesome and i just love it to death literally!! :D

luv ur song | Reviewer: brittney | 11/25/07

i first heard ur song on a movie called shes the man.i luved it so i went on the computer and checked it out

I LOVE IT | Reviewer: Milica | 10/27/07

Hi my name is Milica and I am from Serbia.I loved this song from the moment I've heard it and I just whant to let you know thet. Keep doing a GREAT WORK.

your song roks | Reviewer: jacko | 9/16/07

i love your song,i want to be a song writer and be in a band and the dirty little secret song is realy inspiring !!!!!!!!
do you sing any love songs?

hey i love your music so those my friend | Reviewer: jazmen | 9/2/07

im one of your biggest fan i sing alot of your music you should burnit on a CD so i can put it on my kerreokee and sing along i hope you do what i say so yo can be famus

My Crazy Little Flower | Reviewer: Eliff | 8/18/07

Me and my friend are rewriting lyrics to the song. And renamed it my crazy little flower. It rocks weeds hard.

OH YEAH | Reviewer: ~xoxo~carmyn~xoxo~ | 8/7/07