Dirty Little Secret Listen Bro | Reviewer: Bennet | 5/10/07

I Love Dirty Little Secret Thank You All American Rejects

totally taken | Reviewer: Khadija | 5/9/07

wow. this islike one of the few songs in the world i wish can be put into practice by everyione. i think every person has a right to keep ther private life a secret from the rest of the world and gossip and rumours just sicken me.

i heart this song | Reviewer: alexis | 5/4/07

i totally love this song its my and my boyfriends favorite song!!!!!!!
i have this song in 50 differents language!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I HEART THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

The AAR ROCKS!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

This is the BOMB, I swear to God. I bought their album, and let me tell u. It rocks to high heaven
I love the AAR

i love you guys | Reviewer: Meghan | 4/28/07

this song(dirty little secret) is the best song i've heard so far.... my friend got me to liston to it and now i just cant wait to get the rest of your songs.

Fab song! | Reviewer: Sabrina | 4/27/07

I had the privilege of seeing the All American Rejects perform this dynamic song at the ASCAP Pop Music awards held at the Kodak Theatre on 4/18/07...while the recording is good, nothing beats out the live "unplugged" version. The words seem take on an even stronger meaning when performed in this way. I plan to cover this song when I'm doing my street performing this summer...I like it that much!

ahhh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/07

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Dirty little secret rocks | Reviewer: Brittani | 4/24/07

I just wanted to let ya'll know that dirty little secret rocks and is one of the best songd u guys have ever written next to move along

AAR | Reviewer: Brittney | 4/24/07

i totally love this band. i was lucky to go and see them when they came to my little hick town and they rocked the stands. it was a highly recondmended concert for yall to go and see when and if yall get a chance ;] beleive me they put on a great great show!! well much love to aar and to all aar fans!! hugs!

omg.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/07

doesnt anyone have anything better to do??? what ever im taking time to aknowledge ur existence....so sad

awsome | Reviewer: zoey | 4/18/07

i know what you mean my mum is a church-goa and im not ALOUD to get a boyfriend till im like in year 11 or some bull shit. but its totally unfair my sister got to do whatever the hell she wanted to i kinda got into a bit of trobble with the last 5 relationships i was in tho ya know its not a bad idear if some1 like started a website or something to devise stratagies to bring it down n e who if u like the idear tell my by this website and i guess i might start i up i will post it on this site tho! dar!

that song is so awsome tho the first time i herd it was on john tucker must die he is sooooooooooooo hot eah?! ;)

love the song | Reviewer: stephen | 4/5/07

This song is great! I can really relate. The lyrics are awesome and it has a great beat.

dirty little secret | Reviewer: keegan | 2/24/07

me and my boyfriend luv this song cuze its rock and there really good.

Love this song. (: | Reviewer: Shaiii | 2/17/07

I think the beat and the lyrics are awesome!
I Also enjoy 'Move Along' and 'Ends Tonight'
Also by The All-American Rejects! (: Check them out.

GREAT SONG! | Reviewer: LauRa | 2/10/07