I'll be fine, you'll be fine | Reviewer: Maria | 9/13/11

First off BEST SONG EVER!! Most played on my ipod and laptop :] The lyrical meaning is beautiful it makes you also want to experiance the same feeling's as the song is discribing. I wish I could totally feel these deep feeling's and desire's as well as the song potray's them. Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Think about it... | Reviewer: Zack | 4/28/11

Ok people. This song clearly has several interpretations, all of them PURPOSEFUL.

It's all 3. It's about dancing, it's about sex, and it's about exploring new emotional depths. The three become intertwined because on some level they are the same- at least the way the two people in the song are experiencing it. "Dancing Inside" itself can be interpreted all three ways- as two people dancing, as the emotions being experienced through developing a new relationship, and of sex. Why do they have to be separated?

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Alex | 3/19/11

I think this song is about (more or less) two people dancing. It shows to not be afraid to make a move. My proof: Now I'm twisting up when I'm twisting with you and we'll dance inside the sing. Also when the song says she sinks in my mind as she sheds through her skin basically means that he's thinking of her (or she thinking of he). That's my literal point of view on the feelings behind the lyrics.

scintillating | Reviewer: Kate | 1/4/11

I love this song BECAUSE it is sexual- it's not graphic, but so, so subtley sexy. I love the "slip into you" line, because it is so intimate, without being nasty. I think this song is a beautiful, beautiful description of a sexual night. I don't think it's about a first time, because it sounds like the two people have known each other for a long time, though this is just my opinion. I LOVE it. Probably my favorite AAR song.

Conotation within Sexual References | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/10

Yes I think this song could possibly be talking about a sexual encounter but I highly doubt it was about the actual physical aspect of it. I personally think that what the main focus of this song is the love he had for that girl and that she was worth of the most intamant expression of love. Basically it's not about sex but the feeling of being with his love. I love this song and I am a christian, meaning I'm waiting till marriage, but when I touch (non-sexually) my love I "sink into" him. This a great song and not as disturbing as you'd think. :D

Misconception. | Reviewer: Andee | 8/29/10

First off, let me say I absolutely love this song. I don't care too much for the All-American Rejects as I used to, but nonetheless, this is an amazing song.
Now, this song is most likely about sex. Even if you don't believe it's ALL about sex, you have to admit that there is a sexual message embedded in some of the lyrics. "Lips for biting", "Move down to me, slip into you", "Touch sight taste like fire", "Hands to fuel desire". You get the picture.
The thing that's irritating me is that people are acting like they've never heard a song with this kind of meaning. This song is actually quite subtle about it, so I don't know what the huge palaver is about. You're not a pervert if you understand the meaning of this song.

tl;dr : The song's about sex.

love | Reviewer: TBrand | 6/27/10

all this song is about is loving someone esle for who they are. being attracted to them because of their personality instead of their body.
even if you interpret this song to so that the people are having sex, the real meaning behind it is about really loving someone for who they are, not for their looks

Awesome song | Reviewer: Someone :D | 12/30/09

Yes,we all know it's sexual (or like the Anonymous on 2/8/09 said,it could have another meaning~I love your thinking! :D),but I agree with the ones that say that this song is beautiful.
It's soo sweet to listen to this guy sing about it in such a cute way.The beat is also very cool,I love it.The whole song is amazing.
I never actually thought about the lyrics because all I understood was the first four lines,and I thought they were great.But now that I know the whole line,I'm a little *disturbed* by the last line the singer screams.
BUT!I still love the song! :D

Sexual.. yes | Reviewer: Roberto Strife | 12/15/09

Move down to me, slip into you (slipping into someone, clearly)

she sheds through her skin ( COULD be about losing virginity)

Hands do know what eyes no longer defend (what can't eyes defend?)
Hands to fuel desire (well.. clear)

It's PROBABLY a reference to a first time. Can't say for sure, you can at least say that it's not raunchy or anything. More romantic. Brilliant song!

It's a song | Reviewer: Calm down | 10/25/09

There are several people/bands out there that have sexual songs. This one just happens to be one of them! All I have to say is at least it's not flat out saying something derogatory or disgusting about it. Most other songs involving sex degrade women whereas this song just describes the experience. It's not a bad song in the least. AAR is phenominal.