Eheh... | Reviewer: Miki | 9/1/07

I love the song but the lyrics are dirty... :/ I can't listen to this when my parents are in the room any more. x3

amazing (: | Reviewer: Caroline | 8/30/07

this song is the SHIT. amazing beat, lyrics (a little sexual) but over all its an amazing song. love ittt =]

wow (: | Reviewer: Natalia | 8/2/07

seriously this song totally rocks.
it is one of the best lyrics and tune tht AAR has
totally totally awesome

------ About the song Dance Inside performed by The All-American Rejects | Reviewer: GEorge | 7/24/07

Haha this song has "Frustrated" Written All over it
The lyrics are great, so provocative for pop rock!

This is Da best song from them after "It ends tonight" | Reviewer: Brandi Baxter | 7/19/07

This song should so make the top ten it has great lyris and Tyson sounded great with the rest of the band I am so buyin there DvD that came out yesterday I9 so hope they come out with a new alboum and soon THERE MY FAVORATE SONG!!! ALL-AMERICAN-REJECTS YOU ROCK THIS SONG GOOD!!

yea, right | Reviewer: Mysterious | 7/16/07

they so rock and i love the love but personally the lyrics seem a little... sexual. *cough*

Excellent | Reviewer: James | 7/9/07

This song clicks- I always like to put this on at the end of a bad day.

love it | Reviewer: Kizz | 7/5/07

i've loved this song for ages now and then like last week i thought that the lyrics seemed kinda dirty :P dya think this song might be about sex?

cool | Reviewer: jake | 7/5/07

this song is fucking stupid. who uses there lips for biting. this band can blow your mom.

sweet | Reviewer: if i told u id have 2 kill u | 7/2/07

absolutely fucking love the song. without a doubt one of the rejects' best. their sexiest too. "move down to me slip into you." if that dont have provocative written all over it i dunno what does. weird feeling being relaxed and turned on at the same time :P