Not dirty - beautiful | Reviewer: TJ | 3/29/09

This song very much COULD be sexual, but not in a dirty or raunchy way - I think it kind of describes a journey through losing virginity to someone you really care about. It's not "naughty", it's more like a sacrifice or something shared between two people who love each other. I think it's beautiful and sweet. I was lucky enough to lose mine to someone I truly loved and trusted, and it's a really beautiful and amazing experience when that's the case. That feeling is what this song represents to me.

Sexual! | Reviewer: SCott | 3/17/09

EAch touch belongs to each new sound

i mean cmon, I realize that with an open-enough mind most things can become sexual, but touching? new sounds? I behest you consider what sort of sounds would come from touching non sensually

Sexual? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/8/09

Ohk, so i love the song.
but i dnt see the sexual connotations. really
"move down to me, slip into you" doesnt mean ...
i think it more or less means moving close and getting really connected when the music surrounds you and takes a new meaning.
just my thoughts though. XxxX

wicked awesome!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/08

this song is so wicked awesome!! i love the meaning behind the lyrics!! my fave is still night drive, but this is so cool too!! go aar!!

Awwwweeeeesssssooomeeeeee | Reviewer: drip | 1/2/08

the song may have some sexual connotations but even so everyone can have its meaning for itself..the beat really good too it gives you a good jump start for the day..hehe...the song is simply awesoome!!! love both albums of AAR..\m/(-_-)

amazing... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

this song is amazing. if im feeling down all i need to do is go for a drive and blast this song on my stereo. its sound has the strength to make u feel better and let out stress by singing at the top of your lungs. the lyrics are adorable.

My Favorite Song | Reviewer: Just a Fan | 11/13/07

Wow this song is the best i can listen to it over and over again AAR is the best along side LP and Relient K

Wee! | Reviewer: Kristy | 11/12/07

This song is AWSOME!I mean, sure it might be a bit sexual, but at least the song writer combined it with lyrics and a tune that give it a whole new meaning, that you actually have to THINK about....I like it, its cool!

beauty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

This song in particular has a quality of beauty and simplicity. This song gets inside you warms your heart. The innocent quality makes you want to dance inside the song.

MORE THAN JUST AWESOME | Reviewer: Jodi Grey | 9/24/07

AAR is the best band that exists.
Their songs are beautiful with meaning to the song and not some jingly and catchy song without meaning or purpose.
I can totally relate to the songs and they seriously pump up my moral when i listen to it when i am down.