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The Reviews about Dance Inside (page 4/ 6)
------ performed by The All-American Rejects

Awesome Hit | Reviewer: Ryan | 7/2/07

hey american reject group my real name is ryan dollente and im 9 years old and my name isnt jasoni like ur song it is the greatest song i ever heard,ive been looking for a song thats great and this is it woootwooot.

Awesome Hit | Reviewer: Jason | 7/2/07

man this song if i was the all american reject manager i would give them there props for this song.

Better | Reviewer: Polly | 6/6/07

i always loved AAR
they have good songs that you can just sit back and like think to them
they have a good melody to every song and good lyrics
they really know how to basically express themselves
they are really cool

About the song Dance Inside performed by The All-American Rejects | Reviewer: Jonas | 5/23/07

wow! This song has such a good melody and well-written lyrics, that i can't stop listening to it.. Fantastic...

I LOOOVEE THIS SONG!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07


MINT!! | Reviewer: Duncan | 4/29/07

I love this song so much, its so un fair that I cant buy coz Im in uk, and we cant buy it on 'itunes' (PC. music player/online shop0
would anyone know were i can get it for free?

Woohooo!! | Reviewer: Nikka | 4/27/07

I love the band!

The song is one of my favorites and.. and.. I love it!


I feel very hyper [which is good] when I listen to their songs!

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/07

this is by far the besy AAR song. lyrically and musically i just love it. 24/7 its playing in my head!~ im dancing inside the song!~

FKIN AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/07

THIS SHIT IS THE BOMB! i luv all american rejects...the first song i ever listened to go me hooked to them... swing swing for those who r wondering...but dance inside is their best song yet!

rejects kick more than life itself | Reviewer: mike | 2/18/07

all of their songs kick ass...but this one is just soooo......subtle, yet out there......listening right now and i just wanna shout out along with them....gotta love music that makes you do that....

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