phil | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

I first heard this song in the early 70s . It was powerful for me then and still resonates as one of my all time favourite songs despite the depression that washes over me when I hear it ,thanks for posting the lyrics .

LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Braveslover | 11/14/08

I grew up to songs like this, and the other day, on the radio, they played this one. I instantly googled it, found it on and bought it.
Couldn't wait to get it, finally got it, and have no listened to anything else in 2 days! Not sure what draws me to this song, but I LOVE IT!.

Not so fast | Reviewer: Skip Cressman | 8/19/08

I love this song. But I am rich.

But I was a hippie, now at 53 I think the lyrics are more cynical. Tax the Rich Feed the Poor
Till there is no rich no more.

Exactly, the rich pay most of the taxes, employee most of the world Get rid of the rich and you cut off your nose to spite your face.

Pete Townsend wrote- I hope I die before I get old

Today he says it was a stupid lyric. With age comes wisdom.

Still this is a fantastic song and I like the call for peace and social justice. To me however, that is not a liberal's only hope.

Politics | Reviewer: Diesel Calhoun | 2/10/08

This is neither an liberal statement nor a conservative statement. It is a statement of bewilderment over all the voices calling for absolutes. Think of it as an art piece or a poem. The operative emotion is plainly stated in the chorus. " I'd like to change the world, but I don't know what to do,so I'll leave it up to you." If the author was politically active or advocating a position, then he would know just what to do and not leave it up to you. Many have expressed the though that actors should stick to acting and stay out of politics. People do best, what they are best at. I think the writer acknowledges this fact in a slightly frustrated resignation. Songs more frequently work by pegging hard to express emotions, rather than expressing rational thought. Song writers are more sensitive by nature to the world of feeling than the world of economics.

Till there are no rich no more | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

"The line about "till there are no rich no more" is not implying that this is a bad thing - it's a radical statement saying they wanted to see an end all the hoarding of wealth and greed by the upper class."
So they gave their profits to charity. Maybe they did their concerts for expenses only. Give me a break.

great song but have a question about the lyrics.. | Reviewer: Matt | 1/9/08

At the end of the second verse I've seen on other sites as "Monopoly" instead of "no none for me". Which one is correct?

IMO this song should be more popular than it is... I had never heard of this group until a local radio station played it... hooked instantly.

60s Classic! | Reviewer: Beth Isbell | 12/11/07

First, the lyrics posted here are slightly wrong -- in 2nd stanza of verse three original hit version (also on essential 10 years after) says: " Just black OR white, rich OR poor, them OR us, stop the war." What the band is saying is stop the hate, stop the classification and categorization - it's us OR them mentality.

Second, it's sort of funny to read all these comments on this and other sites about how this is supposedly a "very Republican song" etc., ... this song could not be more liberal. The band was very pro - peace and writing to the peaceniks and love children of the 60s revolution. The line about "till there are no rich no more" is not implying that this is a bad thing - it's a radical statement saying they wanted to see an end all the hoarding of wealth and greed by the upper class. The 2nd verse "no none for me" and 3rd verse "rich OR poor" simply confirms this was actually their point of view. It's a very Lennon-esque message if you think about it. Peace.

blast-from-past | Reviewer: jasheco | 10/26/07

thank you -- (like Alma) an effort to identify this song -- now with Net did search -- thought it was Allman Bros._ or Lynyrd Skynyrd; anyway: an inspired work & definitely one of that era's "Anthems" --
to lee: Youngbloods' song was 'Get Together' (one-hit wonder, but a beaut); to We Met Guillemette -- no-thanx, I'm on 12-Step Road, don't wanna drink along to it, I get off on music energy. to this webpage: thanx for clearing up a mystery.
(Past is a great place to visit, don't wanna live there...!)

Still Love it. | Reviewer: lee | 9/27/07

I was around when this song came out, we just can't change the world. They wont let us, and you know who they is. Also listen to Jesse Collin Young and the Youngbloods song called Smile On Your Brother. Thats a killer. Just one key unlocks the door and it is at your command.

Rachel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

It is a great song. My Dad introduced it to me when I asked him to let me listen to his favorite records. He picked this one, I had to do a history project about songs of the '60s.

Great song!!! | Reviewer: Alma | 7/27/07

It took me almost 12 years to find out the name of this song and who sings it. Funny I heard it the first time when I was 19 years old in a show called "Children having children" back when I didn't speak a word of english and now I think they did the right thing on playing this song on the show. More people should listen to it. Thanks for posting the lyrics to the person that did it.

great song | Reviewer: Timothy guillemette | 5/22/07

SOoooooooooooooooo true . dam good song to drink or due any drugs great fuken song so good ahh listen if possible right now . This song needs to be more heard by others . very great song