Alvin Lee's Words | Reviewer: Donna | 8/3/14

"On the news media again. I realized that the world was definitely not living up to my hopes, I find it difficult enough to control my own life. Yes the world could use some changes, but who can make decisions for other people's lives, only the ignorant I fear." From Alvin Lee's Website.
It seems that Alvin Lee was overwhelmed by everything that was wrong in the World. He names some of the things he sees wrong and it was not just Lberal but also Conservative views. "Tell me where's there's sanity." He sees everything is out of control. He has a yearning to change the World but he's so overwhelmed he doesn't know where to start. What can he do as one man that can change everything that's wrong. That everyone has to change himself. You only have control of yourself.
"I'd love to change the World
But I don't know what to do.
So I'll leave I it up to you."

He also sees the danger in the Socialist idea.
"Tax the rich,
Feed the poor
Til there are rich no more"

Yes and....... What then? Do people really think that the higher us are going to be taking the same as everyone else? After the rich are poor where will the money come from then. There has never been a successful true Socialist Society and that's why eventually the ones running the every thing will not give up their comfort. That's when Socialism goes wrong and there has never been a successful Socialist society. It becomes a Dictatorship and to survive you are enslaved to the Government.

I think the soft sober tune of the song enhances the realization the World is headed down the wrong track. When naming the things he sees wrong he's aggressive, but when it comes to the chorus he becomes very soft and sober.

That is my opinion after reading his own words.
Regardless I will always love Ten Years After's Music.

Smokey | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/14

Problem is when you are young you actually believe that a single voice makes a difference and that you can actually change something - as you get older you realize it is all a sham because in reality you are the only one who cares and you are standing and facing the tidal wave alone ............

All thats changed from then is, we have learned to live in fear | Reviewer: Eugene.C | 3/8/13

Dropping chemicals and napalm on people seemed like the right way to get our point across .As a child i was raised with the thought of one day having to hide under my desk at school if i saw a bright flash. Songs like this ,made us all ask why !

Grow up | Reviewer: Robert Misfeldt | 11/9/12

Great song from the day, still brings back good memories The bottom line is this when we are young we often have imature thoughts about many things, we tend to be very liberal. In time we grow up, many of us will mature and see things very different. We become more center or right of center in our views, that is if we do mature. the song says Tax the rich feed the poor till there are no rich no more sounds like Obama. Concider this how many poor or middle class folks have you gotten a job from latly?

right vs left simplified | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

right vs left - simplified

less taxes - da!
less government -da!
jobs for everyone - da!


right- survival of the fittest and ---- the weak.

left- there has to be a better solution the the ---- up world we are in today | Reviewer: beto de NEUQUEN ARGENTINA | 10/12/11

Hola desde Neuquen patagonia argentina, soy beto gassibe , guitarrista y vocal de Protexis de caderas, es una banda fanatica de Then years after y fanaticos con esta cancion culturosa de la cual no solo el mensaje es para la eternidad sino su melodia, y ademas la tocamos en cada presentacion , amamos THEN YEARS AFTER , queremos un mensaje para Argentina asi - es lo mas suerte por un mundo com el de la cancion -

Patriots Against The Bush Treason | Reviewer: RotiartAsIhsuB | 9/11/11

Why do the damned George Bush worshipers have to come out from under their rocks and throw their twisted political crap at the wall for all to see when they were supposed to be talking about the song? You people are pigs. George Bush was warned dozens of times a large terrorist attack inside the U.S. was coming, he chose to DO NOTHING. Then he used that to mobilize America to launch an unprovoked attack on IRAQ, which did nothing to us. Killing 400,000 innocent people. That was as evil as what Al Qaeda did to us. Bush transferred so much wealth to the superrich and to China that he left this country nearly bankrupt, far weaker economically and militarily than when he was installed as president, after having stolen the elction in 2000. YET YOU PIGS STILL SUPPORT bUSH, AND WORSHIP HIM ALMOST AS A gOD, THO THE BIBLE SAYS YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS. You say you believe in the Bible and the Constitution, yet all your actions say THE OPOSITE.

Love this tune | Reviewer: misterm | 8/27/11

I too am almost 50, but was only seven when this song came out. Yeah I had longish hair and a peace sign on the back of my denim vest, but I had older brothers and sisters who I was taught by. I didn't know much other than I fell in love with the music not the meaning of the lyrics. I would like to see Obama and his ilk in one of them. I am against the current war, but war is a fact of life for without war there is no peace!
Like I like listening too good music I like watching good movies. The music world, like academia and Hollywood, is inherently liberal hence the abundance of anti-Bush videos accompanying this song. Too many young people get their political beliefs from movie stars, teachers and musicians when they should just shut up and do their jobs.

Changes of the times. | Reviewer: Hash 227 | 8/24/11

Now that I am almost 50, I realize that my interpretations of this tune are completely different. Yes, in 1971 I had (relatively) long hair and lots of (relatively) liberal ideas of the world & country. I'm now one of the most adamant "right-wingers" that you will find.

That being said, in retrospect this is still a great tune, and as one reviewer has stated, can be interpreted both ways.

In listening to a tune, particularly in those very turbulent times, perhaps it was (is) best to try to put the meaning of the lyrics on the (way) back-burner, and just enjoy the great guitar riff and melody of the song.

correct lyrics | Reviewer: Ed Smith | 3/20/11

Which are the correct lyrics for this verse. You say More pollution, there's no solution, restitution, mass confusion, spread the word, rich or poor, save the earth, stop the was but almost every other lyric source says- world pollution, there's no solution, institution, electrocution,just black and white, rich or poor, them and us, stop the war. Who's correct? Thank you.

An ugly time... | Reviewer: Squint | 7/19/10

This song is a sonic snapshot of the time it was written. Like a photograph, it shows the light as well as the shadows in the same brutally honest artistry. The lyrics tell the truth of what eventually happens to any attempt at "socialist utopia", and proves Lady Thatcher right in that, Socialism always fails because it eventually run out of other people's money.

I started playing this song on my guitar one day without ever knowing who wrote it or what the lyrics were. I couldn't even remember the name of the damn thing until a fellow musician happened to remember it.

It's a true classic and will remain in my repertoire!

A Space in Time is timeless | Reviewer: Sam Lowry | 1/26/10

This is one of those wonderful songs that either side can interpret to their liking. That is, unless you're a freak, hairy, gay or lesbian. "Tax the rich, feed the poor, till we run out, rich no more" is a brilliant line. Depending on your view, you can take it as desirable or undesirable, exemplary or sardonic. One thing we do know: whether we haven't taxed the rich enough, or we've given too much to the poor, the radical effect America's debt has had on our economy has made both sides poorer.

Forwarded link to Alvin Lee! | Reviewer: argonne | 10/26/09

Sadly, as americans, we tend to see things as .. well - americans )save the nationalistic flames - showing no originality, and less intellect) Lee was from Nottinghamshire, and as many English musicians of his time (as well as Liberals everywhere) couldn't fathom America's presence in S.E.Asia. The paradox of a country which (at that time was admired by many)being so seemingly 'good' and being involved in a war, so clearly wrong - led to suspicion of the institutions that would profit from such an ordeal. For a brief while, though, before being 'amalgamated' with similar corporations - the music industry thrived on a transcendant youth movement. Ten Years After and the most of the rest of the bands that made it to Woodstock responded to and enhanced that movement.
To suggest that it in anyway responds to anythng facist is absurd (Note: By definition 'right wing' is as linked to facism as 'left-wing is to liberalism. Checking the meanings of each, I remain, quite comfortably - a liberal. (oxymoron,(no reall, it is an oxymoron): conservative intellectual!)).
Anyway, the entire album - A Space in Time is well worth listening to, and check out Alvin's home page - he's still a phenomenal musician.

amphibian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/09

i first heard this song through a cover,well bits of it, and thought the lyric went "i love you changed the world" and the melody turned it from trivial to absolutely beautiful, like "i can see colours from the music" beautiful...then i looked up the lyrics, and wow, how ugly n disillusioned(excuse the spelling)it actually is..

Bah! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/09

I'm tired of all the people who survived the 60's who now say that being rich and powerful is okay. It's not okay Your wealth was earned by the exploitation of other humans, various resources or both. This includes me. I guess it's true, "You either die a young hero or live long enough to see yourself become the enemy."