Those Quin twins | Reviewer: StaccatO! | 8/17/08

I love love love Tee Tee & Sa Sa! All of their albums are rich in content and it is a blessing to have them in the world of music. I saw them in concert back in April, and their banter is quite hilarious! Let's not knock the people that found out about them through Grey's Anatomy. The rest of us music snobs that knew about them prior to the show should feel honored, not disgusted.

Gives me goosebumps... | Reviewer: Becca | 3/23/08

This song is beautiful. It gives me goosebumps. But I just have to express my annoyance... Just because a song is on a popular TV show, everybody falls in love with it. Can't people look beyond popular culture in order to find their music? Seriously...

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/08

Your voice is different and that's why I started listening to it at the first time (also from the Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack). Later, I read the lyrics and fell in love with it! I agree with most of the people who says that the way it expresses the story is different. I really like it

Awesome | Reviewer: Jessi | 1/3/08

I love this song. I first heard of Tegan and Sara on the Grey's Anatomy CD and played there song so much is won't play anymore. YOU are very talented artists. Keep it up.

Greys Music | Reviewer: Keeley | 12/4/07

i absolutely love this song, ever since i heard it on greys anatomy. (which it took me forever to find, by the way) but its a great song and you should all download it!

wowwww. | Reviewer: savi | 11/23/07

this song explains any relationship where the guy is not around anymore, like broke up withthe girl.
it explains me completly.
i love it SO much.

i would love to see them in concert

exactly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/24/07

it explains my emotions exactly...just found them and love this song...looking forward to hearing some more!

My Absolute Favorite Song!! | Reviewer: Tess | 9/8/07

This song is so unique and different from any other song I've heard. I also love the lyrics!

Hi! | Reviewer: Bridget | 7/30/07

I love Tegan & Sara! They're porbably my fave. band right now and they're really good. And I didn't heard about that song on Grey's Anatomy. I actually found them on YouTube.

awwwsssoome | Reviewer: Chriss <3 | 7/26/07

like most of the peeps who wrote a review for this great song I heard it while listening Grey's Anatomy and tottttaly felt in love whit it, I didn't knew the title, I learn it a couple of days ago and now I got it on my ipod and can't stop listening to it.