Before Grey's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/11

There was One Tree Hill. Season 1, "Don't Confess" was the featured track. This song, I've heard it play all the time, but it was only until 3 days ago that it hit home. Great song, great voices.

And where you heard about T&S doesn't make, it's good music that makes good music, and all that matters is that you've heard it.

Great song... | Reviewer: Dani | 4/3/10

Im in some kind of soul trip with this song right now... before this one was Time Running, before Time was Divided, before was Walking with the gost... im also pretty amazed by knowing T&S out of Grey's anatomy is kinda cool... and a very lucky circunstance because that show is so lame...

ah mazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/10

TnS are amazing, i first heard them on telly back a few years when the con was out and i seen the video for back in your head and they really got my attention with their unique voices and adorable faces (lol).
so i now own every single one of there albums and i originaly thought the con was there best album but there old stuff (this song especially) are amazing aswell if not slighty better. there new ablum sainthood is yet another amazing album from TnS so if you haven't heard it yet then i suggest you go listen to it!
I get to see them in may =D yay.

LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Mackward | 1/6/10

Ppl, seriously, it doesn't matter how you heard the song. Seriously. I first heard it on Grey's Anatomy, but I had already heard some Tegan and Sara songs. I like this song because I like how they sound. It's a good duet song. Plus, I like it because it played when George O'Malley came out of the shower. *giggle*

I love this song! It doesnt matter how people find it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

i dont watch greys anatomy. i found T&S through a friend, and i love them
my point is that im not biased in favor of the people who found T&S through the show.
i think that it really does NOT matter how you find the music. you either find it through a friend, through the internet, through the radio, through a movie or a TV show, but any of these ways: something leads you to the song. you dont suddenly have it without any direction. anyone can love amazing music, no matter how they find it.

... | Reviewer: Lisa | 11/22/09

I found out about them on Grey's Anatomy, and I consider myself a big fan. I was 12 at the time they got on the show, and I listened to Britney Spears and Britney Spears only. Tegan and Sara opened a whole new musical world for me, and I don't care that I first heard them on Grey's! It's a great show and it's a great song. Now, some people might just listen to only this song because it was on the show and not bother listening to anything else. I actually bought their music! Just because I heard ONE song on a popular show, does not mean that I didn't hear ALL their other songs because I wanted to.

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

this song gets me every time.

that's not true jeni. people with incentive to look for amazing music look for those bands that are worthy of their talent, not because it's one of those 'live at 5 top hits'. guarantee that half the people that hear one song on the radio haven't really looked into the band's discography or even the other songs written by them. artists will not go undiscovered because there are fans that admire their dedication, hard work, and beautiful music. once these bands go into mainstream major records, half of their new stuff is what they have to sing/ have to write because that's how the producer wants it. indie records or those that sing to sing are the ones that express music from within themselves; without being tainted from what pop culture expects of them.

you're right about music being able to be enjoyed the same but overall, music that is discovered and rooted for from their independent labels is more tasteful for indie-cravers.

my favourite t&s song (: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

i think it's great that t&s gets featured on shows like grey's (which i also looooove!) cos' i mean, that's how t&s get to make money. t&s making money = more t&s albums :D

HAHA well that's just my opinion. they're both pretty strong-minded individuals though so i don't think their music'll change just cos they become more popular with the mainstream crowd.

(: i love this song! the lyrics are slightly abstract so you can interpret it any way you want, but it also conveys the fact that it's a song about broken hearts.

they're awesome songwriters (:

Get the fuck over it | Reviewer: Jeni | 1/16/09

I'm getting extremely tired of hearing these baby ass people cry about how people find music. So what if they didn't know about them when they were still underground...not so famous. You are going to talk shit like they have no right to like them as much as you and me? Get off your high horse and realize that without the majority these bands would go undiscovered!

Love one another level... | Reviewer: Raaaa | 10/9/08

Tegan and Sara are nothing less than amazing. Quite simply, they are my musical idols. I have to agree with Becca though; I see her point. A song is on a popular television show and the commercial radio stations PLAY IT TO DEATH. they totally kill the song. Pretty sad yet realistic picture of the music scene today. Nobody can think for themselves anymore, they have to be force fed stuff. Kudos to tegan and sara though, they are inspirational.