quality | Reviewer: Jaymes | 4/30/10

I think this is a very good song. The beginning riff gets a little irritating, but the chorus is really unique and almost haunting. Coupled with the twins' voices, this song is definitely something worth listening to.

oh my days! | Reviewer: quite faded | 5/1/09

i'm mad bored. my man's in the store purchasing trix cereal. he just texted me & said that trix only come in little spheres now, not little fruit shapes! wtf is that? tegan & sara's lyrics don't really do it for me. bless them.

. | Reviewer: rah | 12/30/08

ah i can't describe how deeply in like i am with their music. oh god, kind of reminds me of those hippies on weed raving about how music saved them but it's true.. i get so jealous :) of how great it is, but i'm glad they're that great.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Marina | 6/19/07

All I have to say is that Tegan and Sara need to stop owning so much! rofl I love this song.