♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ | Reviewer: chelsea | 5/28/12

Tegan and Sara are hilarious, hot, and talented. [aka perfect..]
I listen to their music every day, in fact I have more than one hundred of their originals, remixes, covers, and acoustics in my music library.
They are definitely one of my favorite bands.
I love them both for their different ways! They are so funny too!

Tegan and Sara are my life! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/09

Tegan and Sara have to be the best duo on this green Earth, and I have the pleasure of owning their records, of course I still need to buy If It Was You.

Tegan and Sara present a positive example of different sexual orientations, in my opinion.

Their music is positive as well, and their merch has to be some of the coolest I've ever seen. And I haven't even mentioned how hilarious they are. All around, Tegan and Sara are positive influences, and beautiful people.

Tegan and Sara | Reviewer: Ashley | 10/26/08

Alright , so Tegan and Sara are the SHIT ! They are absolutly amazing ! I dont know how someone could dislike them , they are hilarious , talented , beautiful . These girls have it made . And it is amazing how sisters can be so close . These Canadian girls are the reason I play guitar . I love you Tegan and Sara !

Two Girls Two Voices One Band | Reviewer: MJ | 8/23/08

I first heard of Tegan & Sara with their The Con CD this past year. Like most of my friends who know love them, began getting their hands on Tegan & Sara's older and beginnings of their music rocketship! They bougth are unique in style, lyric and stage performance as a band and as individuals. They get big media coverage due to their sexuality and the fact they are twins. They take great joy in being able to wear the same clothes, but they are fast to make clear their hair are different in style--which sets them apart. Tegan & Sara have a bright and beautiful future--which I plan to watch unfold as the years progress, as well as their music.

Hey Tegan - Qantas Flight from Sydney | Reviewer: Brenda | 12/19/07

I just wanted to thank you for signing the 'menu' for Kristin. She is over the moon. It was great chatting with you, you are pretty awesome. If ever you are in Adelaide, let me know, it would be good to chat again. Keep up the good work with your music, and thanks again

Regular People with Amazing Talents | Reviewer: Hil | 12/17/07

I really love Tegan and Sara. I have all their albums and listen to them on a daily basis. They might "superstars" but underneath it all, their just regular people like you and me. They still put one foot in front of the other. Their kinda a big deal to me and I think their songs apeal to everyone, you can always find some part of your life in their lyrics.

These girl | Reviewer: Tar | 12/14/07

They are completely my inspiration in every way. It's unexplainable. I feel as if Tegan and Sara have made me who I am in some ways. :)

<3 | Reviewer: brittanydee! | 11/25/07

Tegan and Sara are truly and honestly my all time favorite band. They're simply amazing! I love their banters,etc. How could anyone not love these two? They're fucking hysterical.

Sara is definitely the more..laid-back,friendly,caring one.
Tegan..well,she's impossibly stubborn and hardheaded. But it makes her..Tegan (:

They're both hilarious though.

Tegan and Sara | Reviewer: Noelle | 8/18/07

are amazing. Their music is uplifting, yet sometimes shows the hardships of life. I think they're brave and brilliant for writing about the things they do, like in their first CD, which was about their life growing up. I'm glad they had the brains to make a band like this. Go Tegan and Sara!

tegan and sara | Reviewer: sofia dzina | 7/29/07

i don't really know tegan and sara very well,but as far as i know, i think that they're pretty cool people. my friend megan knows them and she say's that she's a big fan of tegan and sara. the main reason i got kind of interested in them was because one day my friend was wearing this black t-shirt that had their names on it and so i decided to look them up, and just sort of learn about their music, and learn about where they came from. well, gotta go, and i hope you liked what i wrote.

i <3 Tegan and Sara | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/12/05

uhh.. well how could you not love tegan and sara. there is no way!! they are definetly like my favorite band at this present time!! yay!! i'm just in awe of their awsome lyrics and music ... just them!! AMAZING is all i can say!

hey it's trav | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/05

I must say you girls did an awsome job and way for being something..I adore the strength and style you two have put forward..I am in a band myself and I place myself in classical/jazz/franksinatra which hopefully will take me from the regions of today's crap...but once again awsome stuff keep it up.