CRAZY | Reviewer: Angel | 3/15/10

Oh my gosh! This song has been driving me crazy for ages - like literally months and i couldn't figure out what it was or where i'd heard it! I just kept randomly outbursting the lines "i know, i know, i know" and "you cry like a baby". Today it finally got to me - i couldn't concentrate on anything so i googled those lines and FINALLY found this. Realised i'd heard it on Veronica Mars and as I type is downloading. Best/catchiest song i've ever heard....eep its ready!!!

This love isn't good unless it's me and you | Reviewer: Kleh | 3/5/10

God I have always really loved this song but it's amazing when you are in this situation and it just has a whole new meaning... but my ex and I are still in love but she lives 6 hours away we are taking baby steps gettin back together she just got back from deployment and we have never stopped loving eachother but our distance gets frustrating at times I live 6 hours away and we are always driving to eachother and in a few months I'll be able to move there it's sooooo hard to be in a long distance relationship but this song truly describes us and fuck the army don't ask don't tell she's gonna be my wife someday! The line this love isn't good unless it's me and you that's my favorite it's how I feel in such few words and that's what I love about T&S their lyrics are so powerful and deep!

omg, tears! | Reviewer: hannah | 6/4/09

i cried when i heard this live, i had heard it heaps before but i never really took it on board. then i heard it live and i cried so hard. its such a cute/emotional song i just want to hug somehting when i hear it. god i love tegan and sara, keep it going girls!

Tegan and Sara r the BEST EVA!!! | Reviewer: Sierra | 5/8/09

:D they're my absolute favorite for about 2 yrs in a row, friends didnt like them at first because they're all i listen to, but when they finally actually gave them a chance, and listened to them, they became addicted, too!!!! :D:D:D:D xDDDD

Lovely. | Reviewer: Her love. | 4/29/09

Oh my goodness I could listen to them for hours. I have fallen in love with these girls. Their music isn't shallow like a lot of artists they hold powerful meaning in their lyrics complemented by such unique and beautiful voices. Gosh, they make me so happy. They are my absolute favorite. Simply amazing especially this song. It reminds of the the girl I like. Sadly she no longer even wants to be my friend. Oh well.
-Emma Lee

holy crap omg | Reviewer: nhlfabhfalnvjkalsg | 4/13/09

i am in love with tegan and sara music!!!!!!!!!!!! it makes me feel like .. well.. AWESOME!!! i love everyone of these songs by them and i found a pic of a guy with a tattoo that says "stick your hands in my pockets, keep them warm while i'm still here" and i screamed. i love this song. that is all i can sayy.

wow.... | Reviewer: lovetaker | 10/15/08

i've been in love with this song for so long but i only just looked up the lyrics...for some reason i heard "this love isn't gonna last" when they sing "this love isn't good unless." that definitely changes it!

love tegan & sara!!!!

These Chicks | Reviewer: Jordy | 4/16/08

Haha short time fan of these girls, im australian, no one knows them and most my friends dont like their music, but when they see parts of lyrics scribbled in my notebooks they are awestruck untill now they are fans too. Their lyrics are inspiring and i think their music is amazing, they put so much into their songs and its what they do!

Great song! | Reviewer: Tiffany | 11/27/07

I love this song! I didn't know about it til I saw it on youtube. Best song I've heard in a while <3

Tegan and Sarah Quin | Reviewer: SirNick | 11/22/07

this song was on my now girlfrinds myspace page when I first looked at her on myspace. This song caught my ear and I now own a few of there CDs this band is totally Rockin Canada RULES!!hard to belive I missed them in cali...