T&S = yes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/11

this song means so much to me. It captures the simplicity yet sadness of a break up. What is she going to do in response? Cry. But is she going to make a hissy fit out of the whole matter, no. Just cry. And i think that parallels perfectly with what real life is like. You feel like there is something you could do to make everything better after being broken up with, but really there isn't anything that can be done except to cry, and then move on.

I hail their songwriting for being able to convey such a deep message using less words than i probably did in this whole message.

Review - Alligator | Reviewer: ashley raven | 4/16/11

This song is fantastic!! I first listened to it and was shocked because it was so different then what I was use to from T & S. But let's just say Sainthood grew on me rather quickly! I truly think the music video didn't do this song justice! There's just something so special and so real about this song. Good Work!!!