Teddy... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/2006

Oh this guy rocks.. he's such an awesome singer and plays his own music too what a star!! OMG when i first heard this song i was like oh wow he's like the new John Mayer. Rock on Teddy coz u rule. Such a sweet song wish my boy was as sweet as that wait wait he is :P

Great song | Reviewer: little_bb | 7/9/2006

i like this song so much...more than words that i could say...so great!!!

Yes, I like this song. | Reviewer: Rachael | 4/12/2006

Hey, this is cool, I didn't kknow there was a review section. Solid. I think I'll come to this site more often...hmmm.

Well, I like this song. This is the only Teddy Geiger song I've heard, (that I know of), and I really like the song. So, uhhh, nice work? Nice Work. >F<

SO SWEET | Reviewer: Aleynah | 3/3/2006

Teddy Geiger is a hottie with an amazing voice. He is such a great performer and i cant wait for his cd. This is a great song.

Really good | Reviewer: kristen | 2/23/2006

i really like this song alot...it usually takes me a couple times of listening to a song to say that....but this one i liked the very first time....i hope that teddy gets all the credit and publicity he and this song so deserve...its awesome!

cute | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/18/2006

i love this song it is like so cute, if a dude sang that to me id like cry.

: ) | Reviewer: Stephanie | 2/16/2006

this is song is so adorable, i loved it so much! teddy has an amazing voice and the lyrics are so easy to relate to.