your not better than the rest | Reviewer: Ez | 12/4/08

anonymous, people are sharing their expiernce and how they relate to the song and you kill it. your like "im way harder than all of you because none of you know what its like". trust me, ive been there and "drugs were my life" too but i dont have to tell people their expiernces werent valid to make myself feel better. so let them enjoy the song whether they have done drugs or not. tech n9ne is real and we all hear it in his raps. so allow people to percieve what they want with it

t9x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/08

Drugs was my life, i bet none of you know what its like to take all that shit at once and go to a rave, by the time u get there u dont know were u are and its not a rave anymore its a new world, so next time u post about drugs, know what ur talkin about kiddies.

Tech N9ne Captures the Essence of Rolling | Reviewer: gangsta ben | 3/3/08

I love this song till the day i die. Any time that i wanna be transported to that level when i am not rolling i can. u know why? cuz everytime i roll i put this song on right when i'm peaking, that way i train my mind to feel good when i hear it sober...yea beatrices don't know

.... | Reviewer: XD | 1/1/08

every1 is here saying how they kno what there talking about but here i sit on new years rolling my face off listening to this song cuz i got "high" off "mdma" as you called if you kne what was really good all you need is 1 word to some it up


fuckin love it!! | Reviewer: secretcy!!` | 11/9/07

ilove this song.. and tech n9ne!! there all the shit.. do dome of that shit listening to this song..
leys just say ITS THE SHIT!!

Dope Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/07

I love this song because Tech N9NE actually knows what they are talking about, they have experienced these drugs not like all those other posers who dont know shit all of what they write about!

This song is killa I listend to it 6 hours straight when I was on MDMA!