Candy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/12

I always do mdma cristals with speed. But now my questions is does speed fuck up the mdma trip? it gives me the feeling that the mdma trip lasts longer ;). and the day after i losted 8KG :P
But that will come on in that week again. eat alot of cheese :)

x | Reviewer: jon | 9/13/11

maaaan,ive done 10 rolls in one night,its called having a tolerance,if youre retarded enough to take 10+ pills without a tolerance you deserve to die!fucking stupid people.mine was mdma and coke pills!haha tec-9 rolls for the win!

jesus is an idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/11

i like the guy that says more than 1 x pill will kill you.....hey man your an idiot it depends on how they were made and what they are based on so quit calling people dumb when you obviously dont no your ass from a hole in the ground your probably one of the idiots running around sayin people are dieing from smoking pot

TECH N9NE is the shit. | Reviewer: Daniel | 11/10/10

This song sums up a lot of people party habits. Maybe not all in one night but im sure people do a lot of this stuff. i love it i have done most of it and i have seen rave bitches massage glow sticks in their mouths. lol and much more. This song is truth and is fuckin awsome. Now slide me a couple grams of shrooms.

not a stoner song?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/10

"Somebody said they got the chronic light it up man
Let's smoke it all till we fall then get up again"
"shrooms and weed... I love you very much"

Tecca nina smokes plenty of weed, so anyone saying this is "a trip song not a stoner song", is wrong, because it truly is both.

I love this song and I don't think tech nizzle was being exactly accurate with his shit -- it was embellished a bit to make a good story. But taking 5 pills to start a night is something you could definitely do, if you know your shit and didn't get X that's gonna kill you (i'm betting tech neezy has BOMB X dealers...). Personally I only do molly (pure MDMA) which can't kill you unless you OD (ie not laced with poisons/meth).

tech N9NE!

Amazingggggg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

omfg ahahah. I like how people are actuAlly arguing about this song. This is a bomb ass trippy song and it just makes me wanna roll); yeah E does put holes in your brain. I regret doing that shit got me in to much trouble.

Wow. | Reviewer: DMack17 | 3/4/10

I have never seen so many people argue about 1 thing before. I read bout the whole first page of comments laughing but then i got bored of reading. Tech is a solo artist. Some would proclaime as the best. But songs are just songs. Dont take them to heart. You honestly believe someone is gonna try all of that in one night? I'm not even that dumb. Deuce.

hmm | Reviewer: jesus | 12/20/09

--haha, obviously if your talkin bout how your lifes all bout this shit , you aren't a true "stoner" ,or whatever you would like to call it. keep it to yourself , quit being a dumbass and posting what shit you do. because than your only doing it to be cool. and if you take more than one x pill . you die , so don't even say you tried it. it burns holes threw your brain , faggots--
bro, this is a trip song. not a stoner song. you want stoner, listen to shwayze and bob marley.
a quarter size hole about a mm. deep occurs, not off a pill, but off of an od, and you've technically od'd when you can reroll the next day. and don't talk about shit you don't know. don't criticize shit you know nothing about, i've ate a quarter a roll, after having 20 cyanescens, two hits of syd, and a bottle of lean. i finished the night with some k, and scored myself a k-hole for a day. remember, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. dumbass. and similiar to sharing drinking stories with friends, you can tell funny stories that people can relate to, it doesn't mean you're "trying to be cool"

people suck | Reviewer: miss meow | 8/12/09

Ok first off agreed with many people it is a song,,, it's tech's song, his time, his day.
It dont matter how much anyone else can fry their brain.
I have never taken more then 6 pills in a night and depending on what you mix em with you can get waaay more fucked up, everyone is different.
Maybe you should research your shit before you spew it, i dont regret any of the drugs i have ever done and coming close to death is a true expeirinece weather it be by drugs or not, and agreed i cant get stoned off one bong rip yeah it takes more, but no for my cousin who never smokes,Everyones different. and dont be a moron DRUGS CAN KILL YOU, (but not weed, ever)
Meth can kill you,,,if you got a heart issue some x can end u granted it was the heart issue drugs can still kill people just like alcohol or your fucking moms cancer pills. so dont be saying x cant kill you or you may be responsible for some dumb 13 year old eating some of your candy stash and dying on ur floor. as for the song, i think it is captured amazingly tech is the shit much love for tech but at this point being what 39 ? 40? im sure all that in one night would take him out. so be proud of the fact that u can take 13 pills on a reg basis, your sooo fucking cool like the kid that can chug a whole keg and shit himself. keep competing and maybe you will die for us. be doing us a favor.

WOW. | Reviewer: kayy | 8/3/09


There is a great possibility that you are the biggest moron to ever grace the face of the earth.

I know people who take 5 in one night,mix it with booze and weed and never even came close to death.

Research your shit before you ride in on your high horse thinking that you're so intelligent claiming that people who roll on more than one pill die.

XTC | Reviewer: eatsumskittles | 7/28/09

Southside, obviously you don't know shit about X... lol dying off of one pill? i took 4 my first time and take 6-10 whenever i roll. and there is absolutely no evidence at all about it putting holes in your brain. X is the shit no matter what any dumb faggots say.

stupid people | Reviewer: katelyn | 7/28/09

haha i love this song too.
its crazy to drive to at night with a bunch of friends and haven it blast so everyone you drive by and hear the great song too !

but the first person who commented should know there is not "they" in tech n9ne.
tech n9ne is a solo artist. his real name is aaron yates.
but its okay, since he performs with other rappers i thought it a rap group before too.

This is the Tech N9ne experience........ | Reviewer: rissssa | 6/29/09

True, true. This song is so good because of how legit it is. It's completely true & they know what they're talking about when it comes to these kinds of experiences. I love rollin to this song, pretty much makes me roll harder . Much love to Tech N9ne!!


dumbasses | Reviewer: blade | 6/20/09

didnt really read many of the posts but the top one 6-7-09... your a moron..hang yourself. for everyone else.. haha why beef over a song? especially one we all like. now for the dude that says you cant take more than one or you die.. get real its called tolerance there are people who take like 10 triple stack mollies on a daily... thats like saying only one rip off a bong and your stoned.. anyway i liked ur stupidity so i had to call yah out on it. on another note techs the shit! especially this deep ass song. many juggalos can relate wit me on that one im sure

Faggots. | Reviewer: (: south side. | 6/7/09

haha, obviously if your talkin bout how your lifes all bout this shit , you aren't a true "stoner" ,or whatever you would like to call it. keep it to yourself , quit being a dumbass and posting what shit you do. because than your only doing it to be cool. and if you take more than one x pill . you die , so don't even say you tried it. it burns holes threw your brain , faggots.