i love you tech | Reviewer: harley | 11/10/09

tech you were amazing in cleveland on your birthday;; you blew me away. i only been down for like seven months so people are questioning me, and im like im real.i love you tech you are my idle. you deserve all the shit you be recieven and fuck then haters. i <3 you tech.

Strange Music 4 Life | Reviewer: Ashley | 11/6/09

I have been listening to tech since 2004...I love tech and the whole strange crew...Ive met them all...been to kansas city...tech is my idol and I am glad to hear after reading the other reviews that other people feel the same way about him as I do...I actually started crying because his music and krizz kaliko and kutt calhouns music has helped out alot in my life...they have helped me be strong and get out of tough situations...anyone can relate to their music because they are real...I will forever stick up for tech n9ne; he deserves everything that he has...VIP tickets to the KOD (king of darkness) tour in Cleveland on Sunday! I love you TECH N9NE! Dwam!

all those otha rappas aint shit | Reviewer: matt soon to be famous | 10/27/09

ive always thought y the fuck do people beleive in all this religous shit weve made up, i listened to tech and he had some of the same thoughts and afta my best homie jus passed and KOD came out a month later i thought about it and he wooda fucken loved that album wooda been his favorite so tech cant leave his shit bumps like no otha rapper alive

FUNNY | Reviewer: Tech Supporter | 6/6/09

I love how almost every single person who likes tech n9ne is an idiot. They cannot spell or use proper grammar. You all are asking to be the low- life idiots you make yourselves out to be.

As for Tech, he's great. He truly has skills. His words are real and you can tell by the way his voice carrys the meaning. When he raps, he goes all the way. His words are honest and they come from experience and real life things. He really raps well.

the best | Reviewer: Kian Allison | 5/23/09

Tecc n9ne is the best.. point blank period, hands down.. cant nobody touch his flow, well our flow !! midwest baby !! killa city, show-me-state.. if u aint kno thats kansas city missouri !! cant nobody flow like us, we got our own style & dont hate cuz u cant undastand !! but yes i kno bout all da songz & i can rap bout most of da whole song... (breathe, welcome to the midwest, midwest chopperz, wheaties, earthquake, this ring, ima tell, ima playa !! & i cud keep goin but yes he iz da best rapper alive !! fuck lil wayne, tecc will destroy anybody u wanna get on da mic !! datz word on CRIP

Tech N9ne IS | Reviewer: ID | 4/17/09

Tech N9ne is the best hands down. I've listen to tech for a good while and i don't think there's a song i don't like T9x Tech if i could I would love to ride you know but that's to you 16 year old just chill Tech Your Killing them Peace

My Music | Reviewer: Mitchell | 4/4/09

Tech is my favorite rapper of all time. i used to say that id never listen to rap, and that rap was crap, but it all changed when my friend showed me techa neena. the first song i heard was "Riot Maker", and i was hooked. now its been less than a year, and i get every song by tech that i can find, my search is no where near over though. I have a 1 gig mp3, which is about 250 songs, and tech made over half of em on mine.
he is true, real, and has endured so much bullshit in his life, that he could tell a heart wrenching story that would change your life, and he does that with his music.

he is my idol and the best rapper of all time, ive never heard a tech n9ne song i didnt like, and im pretty picky about my music, lol.

The Realest The World Has 2 Offer | Reviewer: Peaches | 3/10/09

Tech is the realest....He is the only rapper n the realest rapper who can move u just listen 2 him talk. He is real......He will bring u back 2 where u need to be mentaily...if u lost or misunderstood he will bring u back to the grips of life n what it is really.....so mess with yo boy This is Tech N9NE 4 LIFE

tech n9ne | Reviewer: alyssa | 1/3/09

ok i want to say that i have never heard of tech n9ne until me and my boyfriend started dating in 2006 and ever sence then i have been listening to it all the time i love his music its the best there will ever be. keep up the good work tech n9ne.

rednecks | Reviewer: KATELYN | 10/30/08

okay i tired of all these fuckin backwards ass hillbillies lookin at all the psychopathic records lyrics (icp,twiztid)an tlkin shit!!! if your a fuckin hillbilly you shouldnt even be on a computer. i understand that there are some southeners that listen to our shit and thats some real shit but they are the last people that shuold be talkin shit cuz they fuck their cousins who are they to say who can rap they have about 15 words in their vocabulary so its not like they understand what real rap is.... and as far as those talkin shit about tech nine i guarantee if you met him you'd be dick suckin the whole time talkin bout you like his shit !! if you cant rap who the fuck are you to judge anybody elses flow not to mention the fact that he raps for him he writes his shit from his thoughts they dont have to meet your standards!!! and if you dont like him why you lookin up his lyrics???
anywho today is my FUCKIN BIRTHDAY !!!!!****DeViLs NiGhT**** MIDWEST BABY ALL DAY FOREVER DETROIT 313 WEST SIDE BEST SIDE CRIP LOVE xoxoxoxoxoxo and my boo looks just like tech nine !!!its the shit!

the realest | Reviewer: jonny | 10/21/08

i have been to 2 of his concerts, their mind blowing insane. i respect your work your a dope lyricist my favorite rapper your the reason i go t into underground rap and your the reason ill stay in it

Just can't be beat | Reviewer: Paora | 10/28/08

Aye, Tech cant be beat, in a world of fake ass wannabe rappers its good to see a real dude coming through. What makes him so good is that hes untouched by the people who listen to fake shit. His flows addictive, hes rhymes are just amazing and the words he uses shows hes actually got brains. Fuck the rest Techs tha best, Ya hurd.

like a drug | Reviewer: sky | 5/10/08

Tech n9ne is the most addictive thing there is in this world. He keeps it de de de de DOWN! I and my three best friends spred his word, music, and whole existence as if he had absolute power. We are self proclaimed followers of Tecca nina. we drink with his music, smoke with his music, eat, sleep,and drive with his genious raps, and everybody we meet will end up in the same situation. hes always in our minds, hearts, and souls even our voices when we try and recite the words to his maniacl poetry. speaking for danny smith, whitney mills, morgan brewer and i skylar brewer hes forever a living legend and we love him real talk and we got a couple blunts wiating on him and some tracks to play with him. ((())))Aaron Dontez Yates for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!((((())))(()()(

BEsT RApPER ALivE. | Reviewer: Bre | 1/11/08

Tech N9ne is the best rapper there is.He is also the most realest he speaks his mind.He loves his fans n i respect that.Ive only been to one of his show's wich was the show on july 21, 07 in Denver, Co.That was the best concert ever because he came on my birthday and rather then spending time with my friends and family i wanted to see thch so i was very glad.He is one of the realest rappers alive i deffanitly love his music.

LOVE | Reviewer: Tessa | 1/2/08

I love tech n9ne and well they are by far my favorite rapper ever! I generally don't like rap that much but i like everysingle song! Collabos is really good but all of his cd's are good i just really hope on there next concert they come to Montana again because well i live in montana not much goes on here and when they came to billings that was the highlite of my life i just really want them to come to missoula because we are 5 times crazier then billings garunteed a sold out show!