wow | Reviewer: Tim | 3/4/14

Tech has been in the music game for over 20 years, but he did start Strange Music in 2000. Sadly that is when most people found out about him, which means a lot of people missed some crazy songs like "Now it's On" "Monster". "Be Jealous". He tried signing to labels at first, all of which screwed him around, so he created his own

09/25/2013 | Reviewer: Christian j | 9/24/13

Was good tech i just want to support your feels and smarts of your music hip hop art. I also want to get together one time before my life is up and do a song with you.. because your inspire Me brother Plus you are my favorite super Sain rapper ever in the whole tire World homies for life

thanks tech for all the songs | Reviewer: matthew | 5/3/13

tech I think that your music your rap skills and your story telling are all based on real shit. because of you I've been inspired to make my own music, because when I listen to your songs they have an affect on me. but man your one of the fastest and greatest and most out there kind of person. your music is fucking great, one of the greatest. shit man your one of my idol. but tech thanks for all the songs and the pain you had to go through to make your songs. I'm a technician.

ITS SAID FOR ME | Reviewer: Harley Hunter Howland | 2/23/13

Tech is getting his voice out with out the bullshit industry. proud of him. on this note i listen to tech because what he says isnt a lie even if it was bullshittn on the mic. if i feel any emotion running threw my body i can count on techs lyrics. techs genius mind. i can count on it to improve the emotions im feeling. i know theres alot of tech fans hating on each other see who loves him most or knows him best. like tech says we all need to get on one note...thatd F.T.I

the best.. | Reviewer: melissa. | 12/17/12

i have to say tech is my insperation. he's the truest out there no doubt. he says what he feels and aint ashamed of it. he keeps it true. hes the only raper i got mad respect for because he spits about true shit and every one can relate to what he has to say. i lovee you tech n9ne! STRANGE!! ♥ (;

tech n9ne is the best rapper out there | Reviewer: pamela | 7/24/12

i like tech n9ne he is my favorite rapper who can rap really fast and i started liking him when my oldest brother started listning to him when he was still younger when we were still living together with my parents at the time and i started liking his music ever since and i will always until he does not want to rap anymore but i got some other favorite rappers out there but tech n9ne takes the whole cake with is quick fast rapping skills.

king | Reviewer: jordan | 2/22/11

hey tech i am not gonna get on here and atart sayin a bunch of shit i just want to let you know your my favorite rapper and i have mad respect for you and your work just keep dion what you dion thanks. jordan

tech nine the great | Reviewer: dalton | 11/28/10

ive been listing to tech my whole life hes my fav rapper and overall hero hes so smart and wittedy it helps me face the world every day with out his music i would have snapped and made bad choices and fuck alot of people up he helps me a clamer person thank u

Mr.Tech | Reviewer: Kameron | 10/21/10

I got money tech but jus enough to live so the real shit you rap about makes me think I need to be as dilgent with my work as rapper but K.O.D was def a mind trip. I have nit been listenin to u as long as others but the stuff you say n put n to ur work is awsome. But I fucking rap too n nobody ever heard
of me but since u rap the way do n if u feel that way honestly then give me fucking chance to prove I'm it. I will blow your fucking mind too it is truly crazy how somethin as dark as u can emit so much light but I'm tired of harnesting light it time I turn.i kno why 7 comes after 6 but haven't figured out while 6 come before 7 I seek knowledge n really need u to reply Im not gonna stop buyin ya shit but if u don fuckin holla at me ya biggest fan don got labeled as weird n shit so let's fuckin get it or plez let me get it need no money or cantract jus some kind of reply I'm gettin sick n need the fuckin cure

Shit | Reviewer: Sean | 5/24/10

TECH N9NE is the Fuccin best i dont have to explain myself about that at all..Im in Portland,OR and Im waiting for the siccest concert of the fuccin year god damn it Strange Dayz tour 2010 10 years of fuccin excellence...if you dont know all the artist on strange right now look that shit up fucca, at 12pm Im meeting Tech and the rest of strange music in Beaverton,OR and Ive been to 1 in my life...coulda went fuccin sooner than that but the show was in Medford,OR March 27th,2010 and it changed my fuccin life that shit was fuccin dope but I hope that this one will be better...def. lookin forward to BLH's performance..if you didnt know what BLH stands for it stands for fuccin Brotha Lynch Hung!!! one of the illest rappers alive along with TECH and strange!! I gotta give a shout out to Travis O'Guin for helpin TECH out N' shit Much love to Strange Im out now,


tech da beast be da best | Reviewer: savage | 4/29/10

ive listened 2 tech n9ne all my lyfe n got all his albums in from fresno ca n dis music shit hella hard out here n i kno wat techs goin thru n all i got 2 say iz keep on keepin on n tech if u read this k.o.d is off the fuckin chain melted into my brain

Awesome | Reviewer: Alek | 4/15/10

I've been listening to tech since 2008 and holly shit its all i listen to. it makes u think to a new level. my brothers got me into in and they been listening to tech since the first album. there the shit and i love there music. working on getting my dad to listen to it without bias. getting there...

tech n9ne, simply the best | Reviewer: young A. | 2/17/10

aight my boy tech i the best the world has to offer. i am not kidding! he has actually been through some hardcore shit, and man when i here it, makes me feel like i ain't been through nuthin'. i'm not gonna go and say im his biggest fan because i dont know about his other fans, but im only 12 and goin though shit and even though i may not know him personally, his music tells me we have an alike mindset and the same out look on life.i know tech dont give a care about this but i cant even explain how much i love his music man. lil wayne gon' have to give away his title of best rapper alive.

tech n9ne | Reviewer: cameron | 2/18/10

i started listening to tech n9ne for about 7 or 8 years now tech n9ne is my favorite rapper in the world hes my idle i started spittin about a year now tech n9ne has really influenced my work havent seen him live yet and im pissed about it tech n9ne is the greatest rapper there has ever been keep up the good work dog sawhoop whoop!!

I would like to partner with you for my group home | Reviewer: tonya everett | 11/29/09

Dear Tech N9ne,

I am a social worker who lives here in kansas city, missouri. I am opening a group home for boys ages 6-18 who have emotional problems that prevent them from living in a lease restrictive environment. I am looking for a space in the community that will keep them connected to their schools, churches and families. I do not have an address for you but have followed your music through my daughter. I am very serious about talking to you about desire to help young people. I have been a master's degree clinical social worker for over twenty-five years. I have worked in residential treatment at the Niles Home for Children for over twenty years. I am no longer with that organization but want to go on my own. I have a license with the state of missouri to provide parent education, mentoring, day treatment and day care. Please call me at 816-373-0666 or write me at 15707 E 76th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64139. The name of my organization is The Morgan Ryan Home and Family Service Center. We are a LLP. My name is Tonya S. Everett and I am the Executive Director. I could not find an address for you, that is why I am using this space to get in contact with you.