Great song | Reviewer: Shane | 3/20/11

I love this song, but I'm curious if Potluck continues his verse into:
"I be drinkin everyday like I'm on tour
And I love to get high like bon jour
Take another shot the shit's contagious
Like Nicolas Cage you live in Las Vegas
I'm sedated (?)
Aimlessly lookin for faded hoes who wanna get naked
Cause bitch it's under rated
So pour me another drink
I want one
I'ma take it to the head til they all done
I can barely stand up let alone run
But the name of the game is to have fun
So take a shot with me little mama
I promise I don't bite like Jeffery Dahmer
I'm goin to the top like Barack Obama
I'm a never slow it down like a comet
So I'ma.."
It doesn't sound at all similar to the one before it, but i love this guys rapping style.
Someone let me know?