Its such a burden... | Reviewer: Shane | 10/13/10

I know this is 10 years older then me, but I just love this song! It's a burden that so many songs today change the voice, adding effects to it... This kind of song is the vocalist's true voice...
Not some machine...

UNFORGETTABLE!!! | Reviewer: mona | 9/26/10

i'm a child of the 80's and really glad & happy that i've had the fortune to experience this great decade!! altough i kinda missed the 80's halfway, 'cause i just was too little back then, i still was able to take along some spirit of the age. as for TFF, it's one of my absolute fav bands ever - gotta listen to their amazing, beautiful music constantly, call their entire discography and videography my own (the 80's-albums are the best though), know all their lyrics by heart, collecting all their pictures and posters (one's placed on the wall right next to my bed, so it's the first thing i see, when i wake up in the morning*g*)... "shout" is one of my fav songs, the "big chair"-album is my fav album closely followed by "the hurting" and "seeds of love". unforgettable 80's!! unforgettable tears for fears!! roland & curt 4ever!!! <3 U !!!

Classic track | Reviewer: AdverseCamber | 2/26/10

The 80's was a golden age for genuine music talent. This Tears For Fears track is one of the best songs from the decade. Such good memories of growing up in the 80's. So many singers cover songs from this decade in search of quick and easy money it's such a shame. Tears For Fears Elemental album is in my top ten favourate albums despite this song being from their fisrt album

Tears for Fears are Hot | Reviewer: Ruthie | 1/23/08

I was totally mad for these guys when I was 14 and just loved all their songs and everything else about them. I grew up with their songs on my walkman ( No ipods in those days ). I would listen till my batteries ran out. I sing Everybody wants to rule the world on the sing star with my kids now and they love this song too. I would be Tears for Fears Woman in chains any day. The 80's rocked.