SONGS FROM THE HEART | Reviewer: beckynicol | 9/9/10

what are you guys talking about? Taylor wrote this for her dad not her mum (not that it matters) and her family is still together (someone up in here claimed 'her daddy left'). They appear to be a very close-knit family and are always with her at award shows or even on tour. I believe her mum is her manager and Taylor has said often said that she has the most amazing father ever and that she dearly loves her family. Been a Taylor Fan from when she was released her first album and I fell in love with her songs. What I love about Taylor is that she writes her songs from day-to-day ordinary life experiences yet they come across so much like a fantasy...her song messages are simple yet the melody can get quite complex as she intonates perfectly with her beautiful voice. My fave song on her first album is the 'oh my my my - mary's song'. It's absolutely fabulous and from the heart, it's a song about her grandparents. This is my fave song off her second album and when I first heard it, I had had a really terrible day and was sitting in the car, wondering what my daddy would say to me if he were alive and this song came on in my Ipod (fully loaded with ALL of Taylor's songs :-) , amongst other country songs) and I just started crying...I can't explain it, it's like she was taking the words right out of my heart and sending them to my daddy in heaven. I took it as a sign, that he was still with me. So, I went out, bought a Father's Day card and wrote this song in it. It still hangs in my room and when i'm feeling down or really happy, I play the song and read the card.

Gizcha | Reviewer: gischa | 4/8/10

I love this song,,
this beautiful song,,and i would like to gift this song for my mom,,i love u mom,,are you the best parent i have,,and u make me understand about the world.
thankz to taylor,you are the best.

i luv it | Reviewer: . . $ . . | 11/10/09

i heard this song on the radio and just had to know the words when i found them i thought it was really sweet that Taylor wrote a song about her mum and all the great things that she did cause' her dad wasn't there. i feel sry 4 u taylor can't wait to see you at your 1st concert

just us | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/4/09

This song is great! It reminds me so much of me and my mom. My father left us when I was five and for as long as I can remember it's always been just mom and me. She's always been one of my best friends. I had the best days with you Mom...

rly sweet | Reviewer: chris | 1/26/09

i just heard love song by taylor on the radio the other day, and today n yesterday i got a heap of her songs, and there are so many i love. sometime i wish she wrote them from a guys perspective, because they r all, i love him, tho he loves her, etc, when my situation is i love her, she loves him lol.

but this song is a really sweet song. i cant rly relate exactly to the things she does in it, again, cos im a guy and dont rly like window shopping :p but i still think it is one of the sweetest songs ever.