so sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/07

this song is so sad! My boyfriends name is drew and weve been going out for almost 4 years...i heard this song in the car and i was like did she just say drew!?!? hopefully there isnt any girls out there that feel like that for him :P

i love this song | Reviewer: kiani | 11/24/07

there is this guy in my class he is so cute were friends and everything now he sits next to me and i love talking to him then at the beginning of the year and he told me he liked me i didn't like him then but now i do so i finally told him i loved him he's all that i could think about 4 hrs and he told me he has a girlfriend her name is nia and he's the reason 4 the teardrops on my guitar and whenever he looks at me i fake a smile so he won't see i love u so much mabye 1 day the time will finally come 4 us 2 be together

the same 4 me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

my bff who is also a guy is my 1 & only. sadly he has a gf. he's my world. i like a small child & he's my security blanket; i can't let go. i write peoms 4 him & he smiles and tells me they're wonderful. he doesn't talk about her around me because he knows. thats the only diff. mine knows but urs dont.
gawd, i love him.
he's the time taken up but theres never enough & he's all i need to fall into...

So Confused | Reviewer: Tracy | 11/19/07

I have been talkin to my Best friend for the last couple of nights and finnally realized that maybe I did what I never said Id do and thats Fall in love with him and It really hurts me to be inlove with him because I have a wonderful guy now and I cant seem to get Gary off my mind, thats why theres a part of this song that reminds me of him, hes married and thats also a bad reason for me to love him......I'll bet she's beautiful
That girl he talks about
And she's got everything
That I have to live without
Drew talks to me, I laugh cause its so funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night

Gary if you ever see this just know that I think Im in love with you

I made a big mistake. | Reviewer: Emily | 11/18/07

I am in love with a boy named Martin Heavey but I made a big mistake. We were really good friends, too. I thought he liked me as more of a friend, too. I mean, we spent a whole summer together...not under the same roof, though. And then, in August, he told me he loved me. And then he told me we could only be friend. You look at me and I fake a smile so you wont see...

tears | Reviewer: anna | 11/16/07

i dated this kid for 3 years and he was my life , he even played the guitar . i got dignosed with cancer and was told i had about 6 more months too live . he came up to the hospital and sang this song too me i cried for ever .

Jake | Reviewer: Nina | 11/16/07

I just don't understand ok last year i loved this guy named Jake and he asked me out three times and i asked my bff wat to do and she said play hard to get so i did. And then like a month later I went on a field trip to the swimming pool with my class and she stars flerting with him.An dshe gets all braty and she tells Jake all my secerets so i tell the guy she likes that she likes him and so ya we got in a big thing and then we get over it and at the end of the year he asked me but i could not because i was moving of course so now i have a great boyfriend named Ian or as i call him Haggie and Jake is just now texting me and calling me and he is moving to me and asked me out and i still love Ian someone give me an idea

nick | Reviewer: laura | 11/12/07

This song makes me cry every time. Nick is the guy for me but i asked him out and he REJECTED me! It was the first time i eva asked smoeone out...or someone asked me out (nobody not "attractive" in my friends think otherwise) There are only 13 guys in my class and half of them are retards so with 19 girls, there isnt much choice. Nick is soo funny and sweet but non of the girls like him. (could be the juvy thing) It wasnt his fault!!!! It was all an accident and its fixed now. Anyway, Nick is my life (or he would be....) His soft brown hair and bright blue eyes....dreamy.
anyway, Nick, you're the reason for the teardrops on my guitar. The only thing that keeps me wishin on my widhin star.

i mad a big mistake!!!!!! | Reviewer: imcryingcus of him | 11/10/07

ok we have all made mistakes but this one i made was terrible!well i got asked out by this realy nice guy named keith but i broke up with him. someone told me hed cheated on me but they had lie to me. but before i knew i already broke up with him. we have been friends since kindergarten but he still wont forgive me. now he has a girlfriend and shes realy pretty. im just an ordinary girl that has great hair and personality. sometimes i cry myself to sleep because of what i did. when i pass him in the hall way i fake a smile so he wont see. i lie awake to be who i wish hed see in me.

i luv him but he cheatedd on me..:c | Reviewer: grace hope | 11/12/07

i luv this song............. i remember my ex...
... i meet this guy in the house of my aunty.............
......mahigit 1 buwan cya nag court xakin.......oo mahal kuh cya kaya sinagot kuh cya,, naniwala ako sa kanya nah mahal nya kuh... pagkatapos sabi nya hnd nya ako iiwan.... hagat dumating ang isang araw nag awy kami... ang sakit nun... grabeh cya....ala nyo bah kung anung cnabi nya sakin.."ok lang kung break nah tayo, 2tal hnd ako ang iiyak at masaktan"kaya yun nasaktan ako, i brokeup with him...!, at ang masakit pah dun... ang sabi nya sa mga barkada nya....ok lang yun,,"marami namn cla eh"......!! kaya e2 nagmumukhang tanga..., nagpadala kasi sa gagong yun.....naghihintay nang matinong lalaki...........

This song... | Reviewer: leona bohannon | 11/6/07

This song reminds me of my ex boyfriend. one day we were sitting in his car, and he was telling me that no matter what happened, he would NEVER break up with me, and we would always be together. not even an hour later my parents told me i had to break up with him. that night at seven thirty, he showed up with his ex, who was also the girl that almost broke us up twice. it wasnt even two hours, and he had moved on, and he said it was all my fault.

i'm so confused.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

On my second day of highschool, i met this really cute guy in my chemistry class. we didn't really talk until the next week when we had a sub in that class. we traded numbers and that day he texted me and we were talking about basically nothing. we just kinda kept talking from there.then at homecoming we danced and he picked me up and gave me this huge hug. after school the next monday he just stood there and held me. we texted all the time and one night we went to the movies with our friends [3 guys, 3 girls] and we spent the whole night hugging and holding hands. we talked every day after school and he'd just stand there and hug me all the time. about a week or two later i went to a concert at his church. after the concert we talked on the phone till 4 in the morning when my parents heard me and came upstairs. i got in trouble & my parents found out something that made them not like him. they told me i couldn't talk to him till he called them and apologized. i told him what he had to do and he just kinda didn't. on halloween he came trick or treating and came to my friends house where my bff and i were passing out candy. we talked for a little while and he kissed me goodbye. he called my parents that friday and apologized. he really hasn't talked to me since halloween and i have no clue whats happening. i'm going crazy and i'm confused and i dont want to be hurt and untrusting again. i need to talk to him but i dont know what to say. i dont know what to do and its almost as if hes in love with another girl even though i know hes not...i dont think hes in love with anyone...not even me...

HEY | Reviewer: jadyn | 11/7/07

hey i love this song but my ex was named drew so that is the only thing i dont like about it!!! hey talor lylas

the kind of flawless i wish i could be... | Reviewer: kate | 11/6/07

Every time i hear this song i can't help but think about that one fleeting moment everytime i first see him in the mornings, the moment i get to school and there he is, with his friends, hangin out. His name is Halcum, and ive really only known him for like, six months, but i really have gotten this beyond words crush for him, the problem is my best friend also has a huge crush on him, and shes prettier than me, skinnier than me and she has more "experience" than i do. It hurts me everytime i see her trying to make a move or, when she asks me if i think he likes her. So, i fake a smile so he wont see, and i laugh cause hes so damn funny. I LOVE YOU HALCUM, I HOPE SOMEDAY I CAN TELL YOU THAT!!!!!!

I made a stupid mistake. | Reviewer: Gabby | 11/3/07

Im in love with a boy named Kodi Fisher but I made a stupid mistake. My friends were all teasing me about something anad then to get the focus on something else i said i had broken up with him and when i went to tell him i had not really ment it he had already asked out my frieng Brittany. Hence look at me i fake a smile so you wont see..