Big Mess Up | Reviewer: Madison | 3/20/08

I really liked this guy Gerald, he was sweet and funny... but short for his age. He was really popular and I am so not! We talked a lot and laughed a lot in class, we goofed off and everything (we got in trouble a lot) even my friends and his friends, and even the teacher said that he liked me. But if he liked me then why didn't he ask me out? He asks out a lot of girls, sometimes randomly, but never me. He would borrow and play around with my stuff, people thought that we were going out! It might have somein to do with that he knew that I liked him (my friend showed him my journal, yeah I cried in the girls bathroom, the teach had to get me out)! But... my squedual got changed and I had no classes with him anymore. We didn't talk so much after that, but I still loved him. And then, he moved! I cried when he moved, during school. "Teardrops on my guitar" is my favorite song, and I cry when I hear it cause I audomaticly think about Gerald! I hope he is doing good wherever he is right now! I hope that I will see him again, someday!

awesomeeeeee. | Reviewer: jenessy | 3/14/08

i really really really really love this song.
its really grreat how everyone can relate to this song. there are so many songs out there about sex and drug that a song someone can relate too can actually be put to use. i love this songg and hope everyone else does too =]


Word. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/08

This song gives me the shivers. i can relate to it as i'm sure so many others can which makes this song so strong.
i'll spare everyone on the details, but obviously i too experienced love found and lost | Reviewer: ..maia.. | 2/12/08

..i love this song cuz i cn totly relate to it..i like a guy but i dnt thk he likes me 2!..wenevr wer in class i wuld catch hm staring at me..haii..i rily like him..or mybe evn love him!!..arghh..i love hm so much..i wsh he loves me 2..haizt..

the song for a side dish...... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

wow, i pretty much like this song cause it refers to the people out there who experience one sided love. love is selfish if it is a three party relationship.... one will get hurt in the end... be it guys or gals, i tink some or most people will encounter such thing....

sigh | Reviewer: ghine | 2/10/08

omg..i cried when i first heard the song on tv. i remembered this guy, he's my friend and all. i love him. he show me that he likes me but when i went to his place, i saw him with his ex. when they broke up, he turned to me for advice and we kinda had a mutual understanding. but yesterday, i was gonna surprise him but when i went there, i saw him and his ex, eating lunch together. they were so sweet and it just broke me into pieces. he saw me and just greeted me like a normal friend. he brought her to the band practice and he was so attentive to her that it was like he didn't even know i was there... sigh.. this song fits the situation perfectly.

oh my! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

like it's stuck in my head because I just broke up with my bf.

I'll bet she's beautiful
That girl he talks about
And she's got everything
That I have to live without

that is so true. I guess I have to rethink my love life.

i still love him | Reviewer: brittney | 2/12/08

i still love him no matter what happens there is a boy that i went out with and i might stiil not sure cuase my ex-bff said he broke up wit me i will always love him becxause i went out wit him for a day that week that he told me dis actually it was the day he broke up with me after the day we went out he said he had to cause miranada came back and he wanted to goout wit her she said no and he said heloved mei wasreal happy. he asked meout and i said yes!!

I Love Your Song | Reviewer: rakeia | 2/7/08

I know how you feel i listen to this song every night it make me cry to u might know want im goin through but i love this song im crying right know because i love the way u sing this song i got your ringtone i just love this song u might want to know why i keep say i love u and this song this not the only song i love our song to its made for me and my boyfriend were going through alot but we trying to move on but im running out of words to say some other day i'll write you agin bye LOVE YOU.

fool me..haha | Reviewer: web | 2/6/08

well, i dont know where to start. hahah...anyway, i have this boyfriend for 7 years, take note of that 7 long years and we broke up coz we're so fed up. we dont collide and we always argue with just pity things. i love this guy so so so so much that i lost my self for the times that we're together. a martyr gf is how i am when were together. and now that i let him go and he used to win me back but i dont accept we are good friends, really good friends but when the time he moved on and i thought i do. he have a new gf now and then i realize that i am not ready to see him with other girl. he used to talk a lot about her and he told me that he was so in love and there as i was listening to all his stories, i came to wonder that every word he said about her makes my heart broken. i cried so deep inside. i even be friend with his new one. till now everytime i see both of them i always have that fake smile and tell the world or tell them that i am not affected. wow how stupid i am. i love him so so much. and i know it can never be us again.. it will be always in my dream now but at least he have been a part of my life. and those seven long years have also its wonderful memories.... =)

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

this song is so weird for me, can i start...oh, so there's a guy with the same name "drew"....his a loving and caring bestfriend of mine...we usually talk and play guitar all the time we see each other...he always tell me about his gf...he said she's beautiful but some kind'a snobbish girl...he said he fell so deeply in love with her that he just can't let her go....sometimes i find it hard to talk with him coz he did'nt know i have the same feelings for him to his feelings to his girl...i wanna cry out when i hear her name coming from drew's voice....then when they had a fight...drew always ask advice to me....he just don't know that i'm hurt so much...and i think of him all the time!!!!!!!!!

OMG | Reviewer: u wish u knew | 2/2/08

ok this song is beautiful. its perfect and sweet. and i know everyone says this, but it really is my life. theres this guy i used to go out with, and our break-up was really tough, and now hes gone out with 2 people since, and is with this girl. i havnt liked anyone else. and i have to pretend im over him when im not, and smile when i feel like my heart is breaking.

lovesick response | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/08

OMG i totally hear u, im inlove with this guy =] and he's 3 years older... and he lead me on to thinking he liked me. and now i figure out he doesnt. oh well (i guess) he is my best friend and i hope we can atleast stay good friends. =] =] =''''[

go on.. | Reviewer: monchippy | 2/1/08

i like this song.. also the stories shared here. :D i just want to share mine too. :D
i had this friend, i can say special friend, he's my classmate, very close friend, my seatmate. he likes, or maybe loves, my friend. i helped and still helps him 'bout my friend. but.. i don't know, i just feel that i'm falling for him. maybe coz we talk more than they should be. we cuddle instead of them. arggh! i hate this feeling coz i don't want to ruin our friendships! :( and also i know, that they still like each other. i don't want to break it. haii. i hope i can still hold on so i won't fall. :((

lovesick forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/31/08

mmm where to in love with this guy whos 4 years older than me and hes my moms boyfriends son (im 15). we kissed last year and ever since then things have been so awful between us becuz my mom found out and flipped out. but i keep his photo with me and i stay up late at night thinking about him before i go to sleep. and hes with another girl now (we dated a little b4 my mom found out). were kind of friends now, but he talks about kayla (his gf) to me and im like 'cool' but its killing me inside. so this is my song that i listen to after i see him. and basically all the time. because i can never have him again, and i miss him so much. just staying up till 3am talking and cuddling. he loved me too and that just hurts so much. i think he still does, but we cant be together ever again.