Cute Taylor | Reviewer: Srimayee | 4/27/13

Taylor Swift is so pretty and talented. Just love her songs. "Teardrops on My guitar" is my favourite song from her first album. From Fearless it is "Love Story" and from Speak Now "Back To December". I wrote an article about her in newspaper (Statesman) few days ago.

Awesome song!! | Reviewer: UniqueGirl | 11/2/12

Waht's wrong with u guys ?? I mean Victoria why do u have to be like this? let them express how they feel about this amazing song!! and so what if it's stupid or pathetic experiences!! That's life!! and I'd like to know more about people lives out there!! :)

glamorous | Reviewer: Stacey Clyde Montreal | 10/11/11

this song is sooo glamorous.. i can say that because this song was my favorite ones. i like it because she sang it beautiful. this is interesting to hear if you are a broken-hearted girl. i wish i can see her in personal

I just don't understand him. | Reviewer: m | 4/18/11

okay so im practically head over heels for a guy but he doesn't know. ive always wanted to tell him but I was scared of it becoming awkward between us. we used to talk alllll the time but now it's just died down and I can't help but think he's got other girls in his life and i missed my chance:/
it's sort of long distance and that also messes up things.. he tells me all this stuff about how he used to have feelings for me but then he goes and like flirts with other girls and i actually get so jealous.
he's a couple years older than me and i feel like his level of maturity is much higher than mine therefore he probably doesn't wanna have anything serious with me :/
im a very emotional person and like just writing this is making me upset coz i don't know what to do anymore..
im sick of playing it cool :/

??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/11

The guy i lv most, s a cousine of mine. He talkd me lot, so i thoat he falls in love abt me. He told me that he cmes 2 welcm me @ our aunt's b'dy party, so i lookd 4wrd tl hs arrivl, finaly he came, bt wt her gf. I felt so damn, I was quite, he txtd me n said that he wanna mt me. So i wnt. He ws treatn me lovly hugd n kisd me lot. He wnt bak, i jst msd him lot. Bt he tld that he nvr mary that gurl. What shud i biliev in? I cnt undrstnd. So i keep look 4wr 4 hs arrivl.... Will he bak??

I THINK HE COULD BE THE ONE | Reviewer: harley | 1/7/11

i really like this guy i used to go to school wt he graduated from henrietta last year and he gose to MSU know and i would tell all my friends that i detacate this song to him hes 18 or 19 know and i'll be 18 next munth but like everytime he would walk in to one of my classes i couldn't help but blush and i alwas got that wonderfull felling in my stomic and its like that when ever i see him and still is his name is Seth he has thes pretty blue eyes and i love his smile and his personalty were really good friends know but it sucked cuz he would always date these girls over me and i would get julies but i would try to hied it with a smile he gives really good huges and now all i can do is think of him... could he be the one?

sad story | Reviewer: ana | 12/31/10

hi i think its really sad story the boy whos name is christ is my crush he likes my bff what can i do all my crushes love my bff i hate that christ was one of my best boy friends but no one know that even my bff he says please dont tell anyone i sed ok but watch when the evel feary come when i whent to school new year program when he calls me and my bff saw that he texd him and say i hate u and he dont tallk to me anymore i sed him the story next day in yahoo mesenger with chat but onley thing he says its OK i sed someday u gonna get ur answer after these all u sed onley ok?its ok were not best friend now and he damege my dream day its new year and im crying but its ok cause im gonna see him at night but i dont know what to say i prefer not even say hi i think its beter and after this im not gonna cry for him cause his not the pne who im gonna cry for him maby i have a huge crush on him but im gonna act like i hate him

this song is soo like my life well almost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/10

i know this guy and towards i love him soooo much he was like very popular in school and among my friends.we were very close friends when i was like 7 years old but after we grew up we rarely talk to each other.know we just communicate at facebook.i asked who he liked and he replied the only girl he likes is someone i hate very much(well there was a rumor that they wee dating but i didn't believe it but it was actually true) cause shes a showoff and jerk.but know they broke up.i wanted to tell him how i felt towards him but never get the chance to cause i got news from my bbf that they are going was so heart breaking but i dont want to lose my bbf so i just faked a smile and supported them.they were soo clos they even hugged each other frequently.they also seem to walk together often and sometimes invited their other friends and me too and they were soo close.i tried to forget about him but cant.and know they broke up i was trying to get to tell my feelings.but i cant so i just ended up saying bad things about him but i just played cool and pretended to hate him know i regret my actions.

FREAKY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/10

Taylor wrote this about a guy she liked her freshman year. I am a freshman and I like a guy named drew. He is so funny and sweet and perfect but he always talks about a girl from his church."I'll bet she's beatiful that girl he talks about" I can relate to everything about this song!!! He looks at me alot and everytime I get this weird feeling and feel like I can't breathe but I just fake a smile so he doesn't see how in love I am with him. "drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see"Last night was homecoming and I was really hoping that he would dance with me. When I first got there I looked up at the sky and there was one star. I made a wish on that star that some miracle would happen and he would dance with me. Throughout the night I kept looking at that star just hoping it would come true."the only thing that keeps me wishing on that wishing star" After the dance I was driving home and a song came on that described exactly like I felt. There was one line from the song that stayed with me that described how I felt about him and I sing it everywhere I go. "he's the song in the car I keep singin don't know why I do" and one day in the hallway he passed right by me. The whole world stopped and I couldn't breathe. "drew walks by me. Can he tell that I can't breath?" there isn't one part of this song that I can't relate to.... It's crazy.

OMG! | Reviewer: casey | 7/5/10

I can sooo relate to this song like i have a HUGEEE crush on this boy but he likes my friend and she likes him and i see them like talking or pasing notes and when he looks at me i fake a smile so he wont see. i can so relate

Teardrops | Reviewer: ? | 6/15/10

This guy started my skwl 5 years ago and he's d same age as me...I knew since then I felt sumthing...diffrent.we're best friends now and I'm still in love with him.He just started dating my friend...the day I was gonna tell him,now all I've left is this song so thx taylor you're rly helpin through

Singer who's got a boyfriend | Reviewer: Jade Anderson | 6/10/10

I er this song reminds me of the summer of '09 last year and it was just me and my friend and her mom for 3 whole days in Victoria British Columbia and we listened to this song a few times and it reminds me of all the good things in life that I've actually done and I am in the 5th grade and I have a boyfriend and we don't talk much but I kinda wish we did and well when we were first going out and long story short this guy I hate he broke me and him up and then we went out again and tomorrow I think it is it will be our 6 month anaversary and I'm not sure I spelled that right but oh well and now I really think this song makes me realize my mistakes in life

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/10

Theres this guy i like and he is 2 years older then me and im starting to like him, and i dont know if i want to tell him or not. I recently liked this guy and he broke my heart and this guy i like now has helped me through everything, and he had a girlfriend to but they broke up and he was really inlove with her, and idk if he just sees me as a really good friend, but he calls me lovey dovey names such as babe and secy and cutie, and im afraid to tell him that im starting to fall for him because if he doesnt like me back then things will be hell akward.
and people can tell there lifes if they want, who gives a shit, if you dont like it then dont read it, simple?

age does matter?! | Reviewer: jem | 6/30/09

the song was really awesome! as in it always make me cry whenever im am listening to it..

hmm, i met this guy on our duty in a local area.. but he's kind of too old for me (same age as my dad! aw..) but i really do like him.. he's just damn out of reach maybe coz' of our age..ugh!

This song is so my life right now | Reviewer: Katy | 6/18/09

Ok, so I like this guy but he likes my best friend. My best friend is beautiful and I care about her like you care about a sister but I REALLY like him :( So its just so my life right now, especially "I'll bet she's beautiful that girl he talks about, shes got everything that I'll have to live without." and "Drew walks by me, I fake a smile so her won't see." Awwww. This song does make me cry a bit :( But I love it.