lost in love | Reviewer: lovergirl | 1/27/08

I like this guy and he knows I like him but he will never go out with me. I think he would but all of our friends would get all lovey dovey on us and he would hate that but I like him so so much and every time I see him with any other girls I think of this song and all the fake smiles I have given him and just hope one day he will see me for the love I can give him.

my guys (the one i wish i could have) | Reviewer: Robbin gates | 1/23/08

i like a guy named micharl montos but he does not notice me. i want to date him but he is so much older and i dont think he likes me at all or knows im alive. ive been crushing on him since last year. his eyes are like a shade of brown and his skin is like white chocolate and i love his black curly hair. i think that a guy named anthony may have messed up my ever so small chances. he likes me and tell people we are together. i think i may like anthony a little. but michael has never said more than hi to me. ive heard him he is so funny but he likes every no is with every girl. when he walks by me i cant breath. he is so perfect. i like him soo much. i cant even date my friends would hate me and call me a slut.

i still love him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/08

hey its taneil again yeah im still in love wit that same guy and he still doesnt know and him and my best friend have been together for almost six months anyway i decided to try and move on and i wanna say i hope justin and katie are happy together but everytime i listen to this song i think of him by the way u have a beautiful voice!!!!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Angelina | 1/12/08

This song is so like my life. I love this guy and we always are talking we even went out but he has a girlfrind and he is all i think about and i act like im happy to him.

It's so...uuuuhhh | Reviewer: Jen | 1/11/08

Dang, i never actually payed much attention to this song. Hmmm...until like one day when i actually sat down and heard it. IT's so sweet, and it's refreshing to hear stuff like this, lyrics with a meaning, deep to every word!

a guy(such a girly song but its awesome) | Reviewer: ehhhh.. | 1/12/08

This is a great song I mean u randomly hear a guy write a song like this but its a great song I love the lyrics it hurts soooo much when u love someone and u know their never ever gonna feel the same way man this love thing sucks soooo much =[[

OMG! | Reviewer: ?? | 1/10/08

this is just like my story its unbelievable! okay so theres this guy and we always flirt and i really cant breath when he walks by me and he always makes me laugh. its like these lyrics are my story. but yea so i found out this guy gets a girlfriend and then whats even more incredible is that this guys name is DREW!! thats sooo weird its like taylor wrote those lyrics for me!

Finaly... | Reviewer: jhay | 1/10/08

Finaly nalaman ko na rin yung title ng kanta na 'to... I've been searching this song for along time na... Everytime na magduduty ako sa community lagi ko 'tong naririnig and I like it.. nice song.. super

</3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

Breaks my heart to listen to this song. Just why is it EVERYONE have this lovesickness going on? O.o; Life is weird. Anyways this song at least isn't too country sounding. It's like the only country song I like. Haha my friend shared this song with me. I'm glad she did =)

:[[ | Reviewer: reyna | 1/8/08

ive loved the boy that i left for 11 months. i made the biggest mistake of my life. true love comes once, and if you get it its a blessing. and i just threw it away. i think about him every nite and he never wants to see me ever anymore..

:((((( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

i had a bestfriend and we hung out like everyday and one day it hit me. i liked him!!! he was sooo sweet until he sarted goin out wit da brattiest grl in school. we still hung out but not as much. one day she started yellying at me 4 no reason so he broke up wit her. he started carrying my stuff and walk me home after school. then i got the news that i was moving!!! it tore my heart in 2. well... we didnt get to go out or anything and i havent seen him since. i really miss him and when i have nothing 2 do i think about him.

song comment | Reviewer: Sweetest drug | 1/7/08

Wow nyc song!!uhm?? can you make more songs miz taylor coz your song teardropz of my guitar seems so beautiful.!!!!keep it up!!!! its such a nyc composition!!! tc!! godbless you!!!!

shockzz.. it huts! | Reviewer: maidhen | 1/5/08

i can really relate to that song! shockzz..
i have a friend and wer so close, we know evrything about each other and i know that he had ds girl whom he really loves.!i mean his girl! at first it ok.. and im happy for them,coz ofcourse we wer friends! but i dont know what happened to me! i fall in luv at him..i know its wrong! i cant help it.. he's cool and great!..thats why now.. it hurts me a lot! yah!, he's with me,coz wer always together,but sad to say,he's heart belongs to sum1 else..oh, he told me he like me.. but like is totally diff from love!! until now, wer always together, thats y i pretend that im ok.. though deep inside its totally not!.. tsk.tsk.tsk!

my wishin star | Reviewer: shayne | 1/6/08

well, this song rocks... it passively tells the story of my life ryt now.. see, i'm so in love with someone, the best friend i ever had..., that when he tells things bout the woman he loves, i just simply smile and hide the hurt he's gently causing... TcT

i luv this song it macks me remeber of someone !!!! | Reviewer: Amber | 1/6/08

hi TAYLOR SWIFT u rock i love this song so much im going to sing it in the talent show this year at my school........if my bbf (best buds 4 ever)Micaela dident show me this song i would be lisang to happy ending by avril laven.... But u are asome at singing bye and emal me back at ambers1226@hotmail.com