hmmnn.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/08

i really love this song..

well, there's this guy, my long time crush..then.. i dont know what really happened but then, next thing i know is that we became friends.. then.. he fell deeply inlove with me.. our friends kept on teasing us.. but iignored all of those 'cause i thought i was not ready for a commitment..

days and weeks passed.. now, he's becoming cold with me..

i don't know.. but i'm hurt.. i think i'm losing him..or maybe i already did..

but one thing is clear now.. i've fallen for him..

sweetie.. | Reviewer: tintin13 | 1/2/08

hayyyy. gosh.. i love this song.. it reminds me of my special sum1.. its been 9 months since he left me but im still in love w/ him..
ill always love you sweetie..:(

oh yeah...can relate...;D | Reviewer: yoradyl marie | 1/3/08

hahahah...i was kinda hit by this song., since i have this bestfriend of mine, and we we're like...watever.(you dont have to know and hu cares ryt)....the point is..i was inlove with him, the sad truth, i dont have any idea if he does to me too., he's talking about a lot of grls he want...dont even know if who's the one he really likes...watver....enough...(basta, na-igo jd ko ani gamay)hahahah

my ears !!! but in a good way :) !!! | Reviewer: Amanda | 1/3/08

When I hear that song it makes me want to cry :(
It makes me think about my friends to see if I like them in that way. I mean Love. I like this one boy that talks to me when his friends are not around. And I hope it works out. IF I tell him that I like him before he gets a gf. I don't know if I should text him OR talk him in preson !!! I asked my Cuz she said I should just tell him and not wait for it to happen!!
PLZ!!! Have a good day&year!!!:);)

me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/08

thats alot like my story. i like my best friend and we have alot in common but i think he likes another girl who i dont like. i also liked some1 named drew, but i dont like him anymore.

cant believe it | Reviewer: rina | 1/4/08

i've been in love with the same guy for about 2 yrs now and we broke up over a yr ago but he never ever leaves my mind. i've tried moving on numerous times but have had NO success.. i always run back for more somehow, only to get regected from him over and over bc he plays games with moment he wants me, then he decides he doesnt wanna get involved. I see him with other girls and it breaks my heart over and over again but here i still am. listening to that song in my car over and over again & idk y. we're all on the same page girls, i feel your pain.

awesome | Reviewer: I rock! | 1/2/08

I luv thiss ong so much!! Ot reminds me of my ex, which i am back with now, but it took so long for it to happen......i wish i heard the song like 3 days sooner.......but this song is absoulty amazing!! me and my bff luv this song so much!!!

sadest thoughts | Reviewer: codi | 1/1/08

im so confused and sad rite now. this song reflects mylife so easily, ecept its kindof 2 guys one is my ex ben,,, he was my bestf riend and thenwe dated ,, things got screwed up & he moved onthe other side of the earth ..literaly...andi really love him..& mason.. he is one of my closest frinds& i have feelings for him like i did ben and he just doesnt feel the same way.. now they both have girlfriends but im afraid tht masonisnt really happy becausehim and his gf dani livein different towns and they dont see each othter much & theyhardlyknoew each other...iknoew himso much bettre & he even said tht we realated toeachother reallywell but,,,,idk he just doesnt ,, andi have to dealwithitevery dayiamjust sosad &scared..& everythingrite now

i think i love him.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

i feel some ways bout my best friend. i no he doesnt like me the way i like him. when i listen to this song, i think of him and i..... start to cry
i think i love him
he got w/ one of my friends and tried to get w/ one of my other friends
but now both of them hate him
and no he would never get w/ me
my two friend r pretty.....
and im not....
but i would change the name
i kinda didnt when i was singing it to myself\
but his name does start w/ a D too.
all i can think about every day.... is him.....

Hmmm..Idk! | Reviewer: Kamryn | 12/30/07

Well there Is this guy that i dated then i broke up with him to go out with this other guy that i had dated before and after i started dating this other guy i relized that i like the other guy better bcuz he tlks to me but the guy im dating doesnt tlk to me!!!

you d reason 4 d tear drop on my guitar.. | Reviewer: Jheryl | 12/28/07

this song absolutely true...its really true that we usually fall inlove to our bestfriend bacause we see a great person in him but,when you move into the more than friends level he would change into someone else that you dont even know..thats the pathetic truth..Theres nothing we can do but to cry..this song strikes me alot coz i fell inlove with my bestfriend..but he doesn't love me back...i dont want to let him know how much i suffered..i smile even though my heart is aching..sad to say that his the reason why i try to learn how to play guitar and his also the reason why i stop playing it...

love sick! | Reviewer: love sick | 12/28/07

the first time i heard thing song i was like "omg this is exactly how i feel!" if u changed drew to anthony u would have me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Broken!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/07

I am a 17yr old mom and I'm doing good for myself but when my daughter stacie was born her father broke my heart like it never meant anything to him. I heard this song on the radio one day and I thought it fit me pretty well. He left me for another woman and she got everything that I now have to live without. I used to sing this song to my daughter but in the chorus I would sing "He's the reason for the teardrops on Stacie Dawn" 'my daughter' It put her to sleep everytime!

>.< | Reviewer: anomonys | 12/27/07

ohhh boy this is deffinatly my in love with my bestfriend..he's known me since i was 1 years old and ive known him since he was 3 years old and around 9 or 10 i kissed him and then we started kissing and stuff and all of that bf gf stuff and then we broke up and we are still really good friends and he always comes to me with girl proiblems so i told him and he still comes to me and its so akaward and he just told me today he's joining the marines and im just soo ughhh i wanna go with him but i cant hes a senior and im a sophmore i have 2 years to go but yah if i had a guitar (which i do) and i played it would deffinatly have my teardrops >.< :[

yeah... | Reviewer: Aqua | 12/27/07

i just heard this song on the radio and had to figure out what it was...i really like one of my close friends, but i am almost positive he doesn't like me...i don't know...but i hope for the best and for all the other lovesick people find true love sometime soon! keep wishing and happy new year!