The One | Reviewer: Ryann | 6/5/09

Im only in 5th grade but theres a boy named cole, and he no's i used 2 like him, but i still do, and people call us CAR (Cole and Ryann) he used 2 have a GF int he 3rd or 4th grade and he talkes about her when we meet each other @ the school playground, Also we both walk home theres this one part where we go 2 ways but anyway we both walk home, we both hate this girl,we both liket he color blue,and we both l;ove dogs. Someone told me (i asked them 2 ask him) and they said he uesd 2 like me, i am going 2 ask him if he likes me or if he wants 2 b my BF and i be his GF! I LUV him. - Ryann :)

confused | Reviewer: bambie | 5/21/09

sure i get boyfriends and stuff but there is one guy i have always liked but he has a girl im tryin to move on but i just keep gettin it wrong with these guys im trying so hard to forget him that im comin across to people as a girl who will date anyone and thats not me :(

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/09

that is my favorite song ever from taylor swift,she is my favorite idol in the world.( but i wish i could be as good as a singer as you).i have this problem with a boy who doesn't really talk to me as much because another girl came in to his its kinda like your song.

love it, just love it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/09

I'm not really used to this kind of music. the kind of music I listen to is louder and more rock, but I love this song! it's just so beautiful, and I love the lyrics too.
maybe it's only because I have experienced exactly the same thing, but I don't care! it's a good song and it doesn't matter why I like it.

sorrow and bother | Reviewer: April | 12/20/08

I'm not usually into this sort of stuff, but these lyrics are very good, you have to admit [even you asses out there reading this and being hypocritical by telling the other reviewers to get a life when you're reviewing it the exact same song] I'm sure we're all young and naive, but when you care for someone and they like someone else, it always hurts no matter what your age. Plus the fact that Taylor wrote the song makes it a lot more relieving and personal.

=[ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

i just heard this song for the first time today and it made me cry. i've been friends with this person for seven years now and have been in love with him since we first met. he has been in a relationship with this girl for two years now and it kills me everytime he mentions her. all i can do is listen, and be happy for him even though i wish they'd break up already.

*** Beauty And The Tragedy *** | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/08

Damn this song is awesome! I always had to cry when I heard it... I once fell in love with a guy from school... Too bad he was a teacher in training... That was kinda auwch cause I really liked him... But he was just so damn out of reach... :|

Wow wtf | Reviewer: Kim | 8/25/08

Wow, why is everyone so fucking mean to everyone else. Theres no reason to be so rude. Everyones just talking about times this song takes them back to. Thats all. You all say, get a life blah blah blah but your doing the same thing as them, weather it be postively spending time on the internet or negativly. Were all the same, and were all sharing expierences with one another because thats what freedom of speech is all about, so shut the fuck up and start being nicer to each other, Damn, what a fuckin world we live in.

If only, if only... | Reviewer: Brios | 8/11/08

Me and this one guy have been best friends for 4 years. When we first met, I realized we had a lot in common. At first I was like, "Wow, this guy is awesome!" but after a year, I realized that I cared for him.

He's had a girlfriend, but he broke up with her because she wouldn't kiss him. But now he has a new girlfriend, and she's perfect. He's always talking about what they do together what they've done. I really want to be happy for them, but I envy her way too much.

He sees me as more of a sister and not like a girlfriend. Some people ask us if we're going out, (because we're together most of the time) but I have to answer no, even though I wish we were.

I don't know if he knows that I love him, he's asked me a few times, but I always lie. I know I'm not the type of girl he likes to date, but I think I love him more and we have more chemisty than any of his girlfriends.

I don't usually listen to this type of music (I'm more rock oriented) but I'm glad to have a song to relate to.

And I'm sorry for this 'autobiography', but I felt like I needed to get this out there.

omfg | Reviewer: Victoria. | 7/22/08

PPL!!! plz stop talking about ur dumb little love lives and GET A LIFE!!! go tell ur problems to ur best friend...or do u guys even got one??? u guys probably dont bcuz u sit on the comp all day writing ur autobiographies on the internet!!! get over the guy u love...or dont even luv

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/08

this song is kinda true for me. i like a boy on my bus AS A FRIEND! but another girl gets on at a different stop she sits buy him and they talk without including me and when they do i only get to say a few words

Sorry, I thought this area was for REVIEWS | Reviewer: Bruno64 | 5/25/08

The song's a new version of the classic broken heart song, and it has a catchy hook. I think it's destined to be one of those songs we forget about for a while, then bring back a decade later to remind us of the turn of the century.
That's a review. Please try to talk about the MUSIC not yourself, because the majority of those reading these commentsdon't know you enough to care about your damn boyfriend, and your personal issues are just plain creepy.

YOU shut up! | Reviewer: Buck | 5/20/08

If all you're gonna do is slam the comments, then don't even bother looking at them! No one said that they don't care about people dying! You could be a bit more understanding. It's your own fault if that's what you honestly think of someone elses feelings. YOU review the song and quit worrying about everybody else!

Shut the hell up! | Reviewer: Sierra | 5/19/08

Nobody gives a crap about your pathetic, immature love lives, kids... guess what, life goes on and you'll live without this guy you're SO certain you'll love 'til you die. Quit whining and bitching about something so ridiculously minor like a high school infatuation... for god's sake, people are dying everyday in Iraq and all you can think about is that your perfect man is with someone else.

Regardless of all that, this isn't a forum, either. Review the song, don't write your friggin' autobiography!

i shouldve said yes!!! | Reviewer: | 5/8/08

Last year there was this guy, Taylor, and we liked each other. A LOT. So he asked me out, but I was too afraid to say yes... And this year, we like each other again. BUT (u knew it was coming) there's this girl, Jordan, and she got with him. She always flirts with other guys and doesn't even really like him. I want to tell Taylor everything but I'm kind of afraid he'll laugh (which would suck). So, I'm just holding out hope that she'll break up with him cuz she keeps talking about it and thinking about it. But seriously, email me and tell me what I should do!!! Plz!!!