i wish on a shooting star............. | Reviewer: katie | 10/29/07

this makes me think about a boy at my school.I like him and he knows that I do, but I just wonder sometimes if he feels the same way that I do.I wish on a shooting star that one day he will notice that I like him.that day will probably never come...but untill then I will always think about him.

brecken..... | Reviewer: Colbie | 10/25/07

i met this boy named brecken. we became best friends, and he starterd telling me about this girl that he liked, one of my other close friends. they started dating, and i cried myself to sleep every night. doesnt that suck? when you love him so much, but you cant tell him because he is such a close friend. taylor, im sorry that this happened to you. but thanks for a great song.

i love this song but makes me so sad..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

reminds me a lot of my ex. we share a child together but is no longer in either of our lives anymore. when we were on speaking terms i got to hear about his new girlfriends. i acted like it didn't bother me, but it hurt so bad. he will always have a very special place in my heart..even 13 years later.

I Love him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/07

I met this guy like 2 years ago. we were realli good friends and stuff but when i found out who his best friend was i was like wow... that suks beacause i liked his best friend more then him and then we started dating(me and best friend) and yea its been almost a year now Nov 3 and i cant beilieve it. ima never let him go!!!!!(L)

Weird, because his names really Drew.... | Reviewer: Jodee | 10/4/07

I met Drew 7 months ago. When i met him i heard he had a girlfriend but me and him still became good friends. He would always tell me how amazing she is and stuff and i never want to hear it because i like him. So i would just go along with it ya know. but now they start getting to where he's not as happy with her and it kills me inside because how much i care about drew, i don't want to see him hurt but i'm scared to tell him. He is still with that girl and he still talks to me, she gets so mad. But i don't know what i'd do not hearing his voice or seeing him.

i really like him.. | Reviewer: Jessica | 10/3/07

I really like this guy who is like my bestfriend. And I have liked him since I first saw him(6 years ago), and like I really wanna tell him how I feel about him but it's like so hard. So when I listen to this song it makes me think that telling him wont be so bad. But like I just really wish he could feel the same way about me but he can't because he only sees me as his bestfriend.

Not really | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

Technically, the song doesn't descibe you then, because the guy in the song know who she is and talks to her (and in the video they even hang out), just doesn't know that she wants to be with him. Moreso, he doesn't know that the things he does tear her apart, but would probably be upset if he did. It sucks when there's someone in your life that can speak single words and leave you crushed. There was this one girl, "chased" her for about four years. When she found out what she was doing to me, she got upset and threatened to leave. So there are points in our friendship where I actually had to encourage her to go after this one guy, to convince her I was fine, then fake that it didn't hurt so she would keep talking to me.

I can relate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/1/07

I was living with this guy who left to be with his ex.... it broke my heart and now he wants to be friends so I fake a smile so he won't see.... he's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar.

:'''''''[ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/07

I know the feeling, there is guy that i really like and he doesnt even notice me. :[ how sad!

so true | Reviewer: anonymous | 9/29/07

yeah... there is this guy and i really seriously like him and he like doesnt even notice me and this song makes me wanna cry. in a good way. i really wish that i wasn't invisible to him. :[

heart ache | Reviewer: angel | 9/28/07

every time I hear this song I feel like heart stops because there is thie guy I've liked for a long time and he doesn't even notice me

straight from my head... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

My heart stopped when I first heard this song. It's as if it was taken straight from my head...it's exactly how I feel about an ex that I am still madly in love with...(oddly enough, his name is Drew...funny, huh?)

:'( | Reviewer: :'( | 9/26/07

that is so the story of like eveyones life especially mine... i have liked this guy for two yrs and he knew and he acted like i dont exsist... this yr i am cyberschooled do i cant even c him... i am crying... n he knew n i talked to him once last yr cuz at a 6th grade thing he kept trying to take my chips... like he looked at me but when i looked like down the hall he acted like i didnt exist... *sigh*

Taylor Swift | Reviewer: 11 year old | 9/25/07

Taylor,I love this song!It is awesome!In my music class we have to do a poster on a singer.I picked you.I am going to sing Teardrops on my Guitar in music class.

tear tear :( anonymous girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/07

well i love this song idk why it is so hard to let go of some guy but hopefuly i can get over guys because they just give me heart breaks
and my heart can't take anymore pain............

it just hurts to much