strong | Reviewer: zaimahu alfred | 9/28/13

this song is about forgetting those hard feelings that still exist and also as the other says this song is not about break up song this song is an about love is more brighter and good at the last for all those good and bad feelings that you've been experiencing :Dand after all love is still sweeter than fiction

Release this | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/17/13

I need this song to be released in clear I just want to hear it why do this why make people wait and have them suffer pleaseeeeee it's already online might as well release it officially on iTunes

An Amazing songwriter | Reviewer: Deanna Comer | 9/16/13

This song shows the heart and struggle this young man went through before he became the giant he is now. Your vision of his endurance through all struggles showed people you have the ability to write about all kinds of love. Just like you did in "Safe and Sound". You are an amazing songwriter, performer, and a beautiful soul.

Sweeter than Fiction thoughts | Reviewer: Caroline Knight | 9/12/13

I would just like to point out that this isnt a break up song, and the lyrics do not speak of partying or drinking.
Dear Taylor,
I love you so so much, and so do millions of others. Never ever forget that.
Much love,