im 12 and i dream of one day meeting you! | Reviewer: hey taylor ! | 3/19/13

i love all your songs ! so does my are the prettiest and best singer ever ,,i will never doubt that .,......i love you! you are the best and you will always be my role model

hey taylor i love you | Reviewer: wendy | 3/19/13

you might not read this since your so busy.....but i just really wanted to say that your amazing in every way there is !you are my idol my role model and you are beautiful inside and out and have gone very far in your career.........i really hope you read this ...and i wish one day i could have the honor of meeting you .......your truly biggest fan 12 year old wendy l.

your awsome | Reviewer: payton | 3/18/13

I luv u and u r my idol. And i saw the video of you walking into the bathroom and ellen juping out and scareing you and i found that kind of funny but also it was very mean because i dont know anyone who would want to scare u because u are just a big sweetheart

Your the best ever | Reviewer: Caitlin | 3/16/13

My name is caitlin Im your biggest fan, i live in nz,I have got lots of your albums and books,me and my best friend loves you I love your new album. Red I have got it your wonderful Taylor­čśä

tay morgan loves you | Reviewer: morgan smith | 3/16/13

My daughter morgan loves everything about you..she spends her days listening to your music and had to have a ppair of cowgirl boots cuz she new you would like them..she will be at ur concert on Monday and she is so excited to be able to see you in person and be able to sing along with you...thank you for bein such an inspiration to my daughter she wants to be just like ...:-)

your the best | Reviewer: alice | 3/14/13

hi i am alice i love your songs i am in 3rd grade i came here to do my home work we are doing this book in school i am doing it about you taylor swift so i am serching online to find facts about you like 12 people in my class is going to do a book about you to bye!

Taylor Swift | Reviewer: Emily Barahona | 3/13/13

Hi Taylor Swift i love your songs and you are VERY smart and talented i love to listen to your songs i wanted to meet you in person but i cant :( sadly i dont have money to go to 1 of your concers plus i live in NYC but im happy to sing along with your songs all day even the song "i knew you were trouble" Everybody i know says that im a ASWOME singer they also say im TALENTED so thank you for your songs and please right back if you want and if you have time :) you can write to me in ( you can find me at ( Azucar ) thanks for everything Bye and Good night Taylor Swift PS. Your Aswome Please make more songs :)

luv u tay!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/13

hii,m kavita , taylor you are the best singer ever.i never had any favourite singer but after have heard your song,your voice,ijust couldn't stop myself from appreciating all the best for your future,may you get more and more success and keep writing all the WOW songs love you forever n u r the best

Taylor Swift You are the BEST | Reviewer: Frenzy Rose | 3/12/13

Taylor I love you so much.You are the best singer ever. I love all your songs. I love when your hair was curly because mine was curly too. I listen to all of your songs and all was fabulous. You Rock...

Your Awesome! | Reviewer: Abbey | 3/1/13

Hi I'm Abbey, your the best singer I know! I have a suggestion for you I know people say you look better with straight hair and you might like it better too, but I prefer curly hair. I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome and your songs mean a lot to me! I would love to meet you some day! Keep making songs!
ps. Your so awesome that we have music reports for school and I picked you out of any person in the world! Dream on!

Taylor swift rocks!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/28/13

I love your all songs. and i am a big fan of you. I like how you sing. and I am glad to know about your lifestyle. I also love your album.and i would more like to listen to your biography of your lifestyle. I hope I will meet you one day!!

im your biggest fan taylor and i love you | Reviewer: payton | 2/28/13

Im your biggest fan ever .whats your fav color ? Whats your fav animal ? Those are the only questions i can think of right now.but im really exited about your red concert in san antonio because i might get tickets for my birthday .

Taylor Swift is awesome and the best singer ever | Reviewer: Hi it's me | 2/26/13

Hi I'm Hi it's me. Taylor (if I can call you that) do you like Katy Perry? I do. You and her are my favorite singers. I would love to meet you one day. When I grow up I'm going to be a singer and sooner or later,I'm going to have 8 kids. One of the girl's name is going to be Alison after you. Another on is going to be named whatever Katy Perry's middle name is. The other 6 are going to be named Jade, Scarlet, Vanessa, Jodi, and the boys will be named Joey, and Kevin.I have written a song before. It was called "Don't Want You To Leave."

Hope you read this and answer it !!! | Reviewer: Nicky | 2/20/13

Hey Taylor I am your biggest fan I love your music !!! Whats your favorite colour? Whats your favorite place? Whats yous favorite type of animal? Out of all of your songs which is your favorite? Who is your favorite singer? Whos the most important person to you? Whats your favorite letter? Whats your favorite word? If you could go anywhere that you have never been where would you go? Whats your favorite TV show? whats your favorite movie ?? I have to know!! You are my favorite singer I think you are the most amazing singer and person!!!! Even though I have never been to a concert I really really want to go to one! I also really really want to meet you because you are amazing !!!

Your the best idol ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Eunjin Char 4B JPS | 2/15/13

Hi taylor swift i am one of your biggest fan in this planet. I always hear you on version radio... ecpecially I knew you were trouble my dad says that you use your real life experience to make some lyrics for your songs!