I am doing a biography about you | Reviewer: brooke | 4/18/12

dear tyalor,you arethe best when i am sad i lisen to your muise and it makes me happy if i saw you i would be the happyest porson on earth. ps; i am 9years old

no title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/12

Taylor i dout u will even read this but if u do u should kno that your songs really have changed my life. they have lifted my spirits and helped me through some of my darkest times. Thank you for that.

trexianne | Reviewer: trexianne encarnacion | 4/11/12

hi!taylor...hows your im sure you are good....i am a 13 year old girl in the philippines!!filipinos love you so much....i wish you can go to baguio city the summer capital of the philippines...i love your guitars and songs...i have my one guitar and i want you to sign it...i want to buy a taylor swift baby taylor guitar but i dont have enough money to buy that guitar...please come to baguio city and have a concert there...please!! iwant to see you in personal and i want to have a picture taking with you!!!!!!"MAHAL KA NAMIN"...see you in baguio//!!!!!!!byeeeii:D

Hello | Reviewer: Myah Hall | 4/11/12

Do you respond back to people? Do you think the world is going to end soon? I think the world is going to end. Taylor Swift I know your might be scared like we are just picture our world pretty.

love at first sight | Reviewer: paul jerome | 4/9/12

taylor swift ever since i saw you, their are sparks in my eyes and the things around me moves slomo, this sounds very insane but this is my way to show you how you change my life and how you change my likes in a woman, because i want to marry a woman like you.. I love you taylor swift, i hope you read this. take care and Godbless.. :)

I am doin a biography on you !!!! | Reviewer: Myah Hall | 4/9/12

Hi Taylor i am your number 1 fan. I love every song u write! i am doing a book report on u and my cat Bella only loves me no one elese. I live in Jacksonvill it is very sunny here u should come visit. Goodbye

idol taylor swift | Reviewer: alexandria untalan | 4/5/12

i really love your song coz i can relate on it..i wish you have a chance again to have concert here in our country..here in Philippines..i haven't meet you before but i wish someday i can see you in person...take care always..

Taylor's Songs | Reviewer: Kiyara | 4/3/12

Hey Taylor...
My name is Kiyara N I m from India.. I luv ur songs.. They kinda motivate me.. The song which I lyk of ur's is Love Story & Sparks Fly... When i listen to ur music i swear 2 god that i get lost in a beaytiful world... Please please do come to India 4 any of ur concerts.. I ll keep waitin'..
U ROCK TAYLORRRRR...............

Your my inspiration, everything a young girls mother would want her daughter to be | Reviewer: Crista Nicole :-) | 3/31/12

Truthfully Ms. Swift, words can not discribe you. But you are the most talented, sweetest, prettiest person I have ever seen or heard of. You have a heart of gold and a talent that should not be wasted. Best of all, unlike some other singers you are not fake. You are a wonderful person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, thank you for sharing your beatiful gift with me and many others aroud the world. :-)

hi i am your biggest fan | Reviewer: nyla | 3/29/12

i am doing a essay about you because we were picking who would you change places with and i picked you because you are so famous and i want to be like you when i grow up and i love the way you sing its so beautiful i sing good but not like you i love you taylor alison swift <3 <3 <3

Taylor Swift I Love You | Reviewer: ellie Irene | 3/27/12

Taylor You are my idol i coulnt live without you i think you are pretty talented and dont let any one tell you different i love you forever and always taylor swift by your biggest fan Ellie KAy Irene I Live In Casper Wyoming PS I Will go to your consert if its in casper love you again bye

MY IDOL'S BIOGRAPHY | Reviewer: Marisse Marasigan | 3/17/12

I'm a really huge fan of Taylor swift and i was wondering about you.
Your favorites and everything i mean you're like really famous here in the Philippines and I was just 10 years old when i really idolized you !!!!!!!!!! if you would look at my wall on Facebook it is really full of your photos because i really like you


Marisse Kristina F. Marasigan

Biography Book Report | Reviewer: Maria | 3/16/12

Hi my name is Maria and i am 8 years old and I am doing my biography book report on you. Me and my sister are big fans of you my sister is 17 years old and we've been big fans since I was 1. Were your number 1 FANS!!!!!!! We realy want to meet you
we went to Phoenix Arizona Concert. We were realy excited to see
you in concert. We were almost close enough to touch you!!!!!!!!
My favoriet song is Sparks fly.I dedacated that song to my 17 year-old sister. well me and my sister LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OXOX Maria and Jazmyne

I'm doing a book report on you | Reviewer: Cecilia Rose Golden | 3/15/12

I am 8 years old I am in 3rd grade. Im doing a book report on you. I like Tim McGraw Can't tell me nothin! My favoret song of yours is Mean. I also like JasonAlDean My kind of party!!!!

ur loving fan | Reviewer: khate sanchez | 3/2/12

hi taylor ,i am a fan of yours since when i was grade 4 i always want to hear ur song even my mama always scolded me to sleep in the afternoon...i earn money to have a cd where ur songs ar there so i can hear it all the time i want... i hope u will come again hear in manila and have a concert so i can watch u again for the second time.. I WILL ALWAYS BE UR FAN SEE YAHHH!!! :D