taylor luv unplugged | Reviewer: anne | 6/1/12

hi, i am anne and i am mad about u. i don't think i'll ever get to see you, well,
but if i'm that lucky , i'll surely get a pic of u and will keep that close to me till my last breath.

:) | Reviewer: enchanted | 5/31/12

I didnt know what to put as a title but i love Taylor in fact i'm listening to enchanted right now. And thinking of my crush--lol :)Taylor thanks for what you do. Pursue Christ first because He has given you such a great ability to impact young girls... :)And girls please don't depend on yourself or other people in this world to carry you through. Jesus holds you through this crazy wonderful thing called LIFE! (: God bless everyone.
<3 Bia

hi Taylor!I love your songs!!!! | Reviewer: Anna | 5/30/12

Hi there Taylor,I am so happy to be writing to you!I love you and your songs so much!!oh sorry i have not introduced my self.My name is Anna.I live in Nadi,Fiji.I am a young sibling he is in class 4.oh i am 12 years old.I am part rotuman....And i so much wanna be like you!i wish u could come to FIJI!!!for tour!!!okay bye..!TAYLOR!!!BIGGEST NO.1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Songs~~ | Reviewer: CM vampire | 5/29/12

Hi Taylor~~ I love your songs, I seem to love enchanted the most because it is just wonderful! I especially love your song: mine. It is gives me a feeling I treasure, it just makes me cry, laugh and smile. Taylor, no offense but I am not a CRAZY fan but I live you!! You seem daring and fearless~~ thanks for taking time to read this if you are!!
PS: please ignore my review, I had no idea what i was suppose to write on other blank......

Hello i love you i am doing a project on you and when to your concert i am your number 1 fan | Reviewer: seanna | 5/25/12

Dear Taylor Swift

I love you!!!!!! ok if you have enough time to read this I will be very happy and I am not trying to stress you out.ok my name is Seanna and I went to your concert.I was up the back but I could not believe that I was going to see you.When it got to the point where you hugged people and hi fived them I really wanted to do that but it doesn't matter I still can't believe that I went to your concert. I bought a t shirt with you and your writting on it!!!! by the way I am 10 and loved your singing since the age of 7 and in class I am doing a passion project on you. PS no gossip just like for example taylor swift has a new album Speak Now. Oh that is the concert I went to. I love how you sing and my dad loves the song hey Steven because that's his name.I also spent my money on your Fearless album then Speak Now. Yay I love you and I am your number one fan!!!!!!

I love you! | Reviewer: Maddie | 5/15/12

Taylor, you have no idea how much i love you! I really do love you and I'm not just like one of those fans who say they love but really never listen to your songs. But it's not just your songs that I love, it's you because your just so real and not like other singers. That's really the reason why I love you so. Every time I here safe and sound or sparks fly i start to tear up because i just love you so much. As i am writing this, tears are rolling down my cheeks because even just the thought of you makes me cry. I am 11 and have always loved singing. I went to your concert in Tennessee and cried when you sang those slow songs to the people in the back. Also when you walked around the audience I reached so hard but I couldn't reach you. i almost started to cry even harder because all the older kids almost pushed me down to the ground trying the touch you. I always dream of meeting you and talking to you or even just touching you. But, I love you so, so much and I hope you will read this.

Love, Maddie

Your Amazing | Reviewer: Dessirae | 5/10/12

Hey taylor ive always loved your song i think yaour amazing... ive tried so hard to be as good as you.... ive sang my heart out and ive written only a million songs but i no that i can never be as good as you and i really wish i could i am i fan just not as big as a fan as other people on here but i do admire you for who u are
Love Dessirae

safe and sound | Reviewer: katniss | 5/8/12

taylor swift i love so much safe and sound fort the hunger games. i listen to it about 40 times a day. i am listing to it right i just started it over. me and katniss have the same name which is so cool. my frinds love my name. in my music class i take every wensday after school for open house we are singing safe and sound. i am so team peeta. i would be team gale, but not after he kills prim. i hate gale so much. i have so many pictures of you on my walls and in my binder and on my comp. books. in safe and sound i love your dress soooooooo much!!!! safe and sound is so awesome because it has my 2 favorite things. u and the hunger games. i am on the mockingjay. i rade catching fire in a day with a few breakes because my mom was at work so me and my brothers had to go to our new house that my new dads working on, a farmers market and the fraser farms. i also had to eat lunch and dinner. i at dinner so fast. i also saw u in concert in san deagio. u hugged me.
from katniss

Because of you I play guitar! | Reviewer: brandy mejillia | 5/2/12

hi my name is brandy and i am 17 i love every thing about you from your music to your style . when i hear your music playing some where i stop and listen you are a real insperation to me and your music made me want to learn from the first time i heard your songs i love you and i think that you are a wounderful person. someday i hope to have the chance to meet you

Your My Number One :) | Reviewer: Yanne | 4/30/12

Dear Taylor Swift,

I'm Always Have a Chance To be Online Because of you.my Mom says
to me to pursue my dreams .. my dream is to see you someday ..
I'm A little far from your country..but,it's ok ..
the important is to see your picture everytime I open the net ..
I'm Always Getting to download your pictures on my facebook ..
I really love you so much ..I hope You Can Read This ..

Loving Taylor Swift | Reviewer: Larah Croft | 4/27/12

dear Taylor swift,

you know I'm your number1 fan i really love you like I would die just to see you...I hope my one big wish is to see you personally cause i really love you.I would waste my money just to know you and print all the info. that i would know about you..............I hope i really would see you!!!!!

lovingly yours,
Larah Croft
Your Number 1 Fan

dance | Reviewer: katalyna | 4/26/12

taylor i love i all ways whatch u on the intrent im a 6 th grade at ethan allen in fountin valley i almost grauat so i would reallY love for you to came and you mit be thinking right now that i am lying and it is not ture because you always get the same thingever min. but this is real please belive me talor please i would love if you could come on JUNE 20 BEFORE 12:50 PLEASE love katalyna

All About Me And You | Reviewer: Myah Phoebe Hall | 4/24/12

Taylor its me Myah you have really changed my life. My hair is curly right now I look exacly like you but my eyes are hazel. I love all of your music! I enen love the song Eyes Open and Safe And Sound.

INFORMATION | Reviewer: Myah Phoebe Hall | 4/23/12

Hi Taylor Swift fans Taylor is amazing don't u think? I do very much. My name is Myah i am 10 years old and i am in 4th grade i was not able to be a patrol. I would like it if yal could put random words like pizza or something can u guys do that for me that would mean a whole bunch to me. AND TAYLOR SWIFT ROCKS Ilove PIZZA AND TACOS THATS WHAT I AM FOR DINNER!!! TALK TO YAL TOMARRO BYE.

your fan | Reviewer: mica buenafe | 4/22/12

Hi Taylor Swift since I'm 10 yrs old i always wanted to hear all of your song because it makes me happy i want to see you in personal here in manila i hope that you will come here in manila again....I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND BE YOUR FAN!!!!!!!!!:D