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i love youu | Reviewer: callie | 9/4/11

omg taylor we have everything in common we are like sisters well im only 11 but we cold still be sisters my fav color is white too:) taylor will you write a email to me because the first three days of octobor i will be in tenneesee and i would like to sing one of ur songs and so i coukld be like u im ur biggest fan:)) TAYLOR I LOVE YOUU

dear taylor | Reviewer: zildjian gultom | 9/1/11

hi taylor..
i'm zildjian, i live in indonesia...
i love your songs, i love your voice, i love all about you.... and i wish that i could meet you so we can create a song together...
i love you sooooooo much......

patrisha | Reviewer: patrisha | 8/30/11

hello taylor swift you are my idol my fav. song is the story of us i love that song very much i am a garade six pupil and i wish that i can see you personaly and i wish that i have youre album speak now i love so much !!!!!! :)

Dear Taylor, | Reviewer: Olivia Fulayter | 8/30/11

Hello Taylor. I love your music, so for music class this year I decided to write a paper on you and would *love* for you to help me with it. Sorta liike giving me facts I need to put in my paper. I need facts of your past life, advanced edu., personal success, etc... So if you could help me e-mail me at ... Thank taylor your a big insperation for me and other kids around the world! :D
Olivia Fulayter

rose | Reviewer: shubhangi | 8/29/11

hi taylor u r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet i like u soooooooooo much i want be look like u u sing soooooooooooooooooooo well i want to shing like you and i want to meet u in personal iwant youre autograph too .LOVE U TAYLOR ,

i luv u taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: | 8/29/11

dear taylor,

If you are reading this right now than please email me at I love all of your songs and me and my brother and sister love to jam out to them. thank you for always loving us, your fans. we really apreciate how you think about all of us. Do you mind coming to Kentucky inabout early May in 2012? my grandparents are taking me there my 13 birthday! That would be a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for your time and please email me!!!
-Katt (m&m)

what we have in common | Reviewer: Samuel B. Shear | 8/25/11

Dear Taylor,

from listening to your music and reading about you, I have found out that we have a lot in common. We were both 15 when we entered high school. At that time, I swore I was going to marry my high school girlfriend, but that didn't happen. In December 2007, we broke up, but there was still a possibility we could get back together again. However, that didn't happen. I found a better girl, who I am still dating, and the girl who I dated during my freshman year in high school graduated in 2009 while I graduated in 2011. Another thing that we have in common is that our favorite thing to write about love. While you express love in your songs, I express it through poetry. In fact, one of my poems is about you. In poetic fashion, I hae given you a poetic name. Your poetic name is Sarah-Mary Vanderbilt. Another thing that we have in common is that we don't see any reason to either drink alcohol or smoke. In fact, smoking is personal to my family and I. My mother had to bury my Grandfather Sam before she met my father.I have also pledged that I would NEVER do either of those things to everyone around me. We also have a favorite natural setting in common. That is any place around a creek. I have a broader version of that in anywhere around water. In fact, I have lived in different areas all around water throughout my life. I was born in Chicago, IL, which is of course near water. I then lived for a time near the Potomac River. At my current home, there is a stream behind my house. Another thing that we have in common is who we like to listen to. While I listen to you all the time, I also occasionally listen to Tim McGraw and Miranda Lambert. In fact, I also listen to Colbie Calliat, who worked with you on "Breathe". The last thing that I have in common with you is that we have a love for desserts, especially cheescake. Bye.

Best Regards,

Samuel B. Shear

My idol | Reviewer: Kenzie | 8/25/11

Hey Taylor. I just wanted to let you know that you are my idol. My one dream in life is to meet you in person. I am twelve and I am starting to play guitar. (the same age you were when you started) I know all of your songs and have them all on my iPod. I love you taylor!
Please if you ever read this message write back to me! That would be a dream come true. Me and my sisters have been singing your songs and attempting guitar since my youngest sister was 3. <3
Your biggest ever fan(: ily<3

awesome taylor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

Taylor swift is the best singer.She really shows if you follow your dreams you'll get there. my b'days coming up and Taylor if your reading this i really would like for you to well do something for my birthday. brittney

I love taylor swift forever !!! | Reviewer: maria stella | 8/18/11

for taylor swift: hi taylor I hope you will read this, when approximately you will come to Indonesia? do you know where the location of Indonesia? I hope you know and hold a grand concert there, I really wanted to meet with you I want to take pictures with you, was soon to come to Indonesia!

MY BEAUTIFUL IDOL SWIFT.......... | Reviewer: ramille aign b. asuncion | 8/11/11


I love you Taylor!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Iliana | 8/10/11

Taylor I am not desperate like other girls you know I am very sarcastic to my brother and sister I don't like cheesecake that much because I don't like the cheese part. I love TIm MaGraw too!! I love christmas because I get to spend time with my family and presents I love!!! Presents!!!
I'm not old enough to drive but driving fast sounds fun and dangerous. I so agree with you about the creeks they are so beautiful I could be there all day if I could. Omg I love summer to I lolve swimming it's good excersice and fun at the same time!!! I try to write songs about love like you but it just doesn't work out for me!!! CSI is awesome I love watching crime!!! It's exciting!! We have a lot in common Taylor but the most we have in common is straight A student on honor roll mostly high honors for me well Taylor hope you reply bye!!

YOUR AMAZING | Reviewer: jody | 8/5/11

taylor you amazing and you inspire everyone around you your songs give meaning to so many people's lives and you give people reason to love nobody else has ever put so much meaning into there songs and actually meant it like you do and anyone who has seen you in person anyone who has seen you with there own 2 eyes are very lucky and will never forget that moment you are truly gifted hope you do great for a very long time

Taylor Swift | Reviewer: MacandBri | 8/5/11

Im just curious whats your faveorite type of shoes im doing a book about you on i think you've heard about it i did a pokemon of you. Me and my mom love your music. I am actualy getting confused is white a color? Cause i heard its your favorite but people say its not a color so. (why im talking so much puts hand over face) Like you i want to be a singer. I wouldn't say im STARSTRUCK like most people but i sang you so much i'm getting the rythum most of my friends agree or they think ur OK i think your AWESOME. -MacandBri

Taylor Swift | Reviewer: MacandBri | 8/5/11

Dear taylor me and my friend are entering Make Your Mark Competion our title: Watch us Song: Watch me and it would also mean alot if you watched our 1st webshow EVER! We plan on being popstars just like you! it would mean alot to us if you read this! My favorite song by u is WHITE Horse+ Forever + Always!

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