biggest fan of swift | Reviewer: rohit | 10/21/13

hi. swift ! im rohit, you are that person who is my inspiration my true inspiration . you are just like a god for me like a living legend on earth just like a fairy who just came out 4rom the fairy tale book and just stand at the front of me,
i only just think about u and i tell u 1ne thing that i have ur all song and i write drown ur song;s lyrics. At last i just want to tell u 1ne thing im only who is the biggest fan of urs biggest,biggest,biggest,biggest.... fan of urs ;-):-)

for someone who really grab your attention too SWIFT'ly true to her name ;-) | Reviewer: NickyBlue | 10/19/13

you don't need a fan like me and all these folks here living testimomy of it. Sure you got the voice and singing style one longs for seeing in a singer. Hope I would be blessed to hear some more cool nos from you. By the way, is it you in that remix version of 'world spining round'? It sure sound like you ;)

#1 fan ever!!! (not just saying it cause it is TRUE) | Reviewer: Madison | 10/11/13

OMG! I went to ur concert in Philly and u were AMAZING!!!!! I love ur songs and ur personality! Ur a great person and really inspiring to me. You are a role model for the WORLD!!!!! Keep doing wat u do best and don't let anyone bring u down. Wish I could meet u in person and tell u these things myself but I don't know how to contact u. So if ur reading this plz let me meet u!!!
Ur #1 Fan In The World,

Rainier Clifford Sangeles | Reviewer: You're Number One | 10/4/13

Hi TayLor, OMG OMG OMG !
I am Your bigggest Fan :)
You make me inspire
Gosh! sorry I cant actually get your latest aLbum
I have OnLy 12 ,
But i try tO reach all youre albums :) AJA !!

Im just your fan here in ANTiQUEEH Philippines

Hope you'll read this
And please do have a Concert here !

God bLess !
Hoping again that i will see you in personal

swiftie4life | Reviewer: arron | 9/22/13

Taylor if your reading this then i just want to say how much you've inspired me. I look at a life a completely different way and im following my dreams. Ive read the book that's not long just come out by Louisa Jepson. Please do a concert in Manchester, that'd be great! #swifie4life stay the same Taylor never change...

taylor swift is no. 1 | Reviewer: Eden | 9/19/13

Hey Taylor. I hope you find time to read this. I just wanted to say i love you so much. i love all your songs and you have inspired me to start playing the guitar. i'm a very big fan and i really hope i can meet you one day

SIPHELELE13, SOUTH AFRICAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/13

I STILL REMEMBER:) the first day i heard your song it was 2009 in primary school in AFRICA, i couldn't concentrate in my class because the song "U BELONG WITH ME" was in my head :). Anyway im a BIG fan of u, u make me CREAZIER OH.

Taylor Swifts #1 Swiftie of all time Forever & Always!! | Reviewer: April Sherwood | 9/8/13

Taylor, whether or not you are reading this which I doubt it lol but I am your Number One Swiftie of all time and my BFFLAS (best friends for life and swifties) is your Number One Fan!! OMS!! If you were reading this I would die!! Also I was wondering if you could do what you did before? It was when people commented things and you would say hi to them and answer their questions about you because I DIE AND GO TO SWIFT HEAVEN IF I MET YOU!! I have only been to one of your concerts only because I'm poor but not poor like living on the streets well I'm not rich ill put it that way lol :) <3 Oh btw I made up oms it's Oh My Swift!

Taylor swift💜 | Reviewer: Abigail | 9/5/13

Taylor swift I love you so much and when your bee next
Album comes out I will be in Toronto Canada at the Rogers
Center to see it and I promise I am saving up for it.
Do you have Skype? I really want to talk to you in REAL life
I want to meet you because you are so amazing and you have
Inspired me to follow my dreams and never quit no matter what.
I am not a good singer but I still try taylor swift you don't no how
Much I want to see you even at night when I'm going to bed I think
Of how lucky your family is of having you and get to see you
Thank you so much I love you taylor swift<3

A fan from a different Country | Reviewer: Malcolm Hintzen | 8/27/13

Hey taylor Im a very big fan of you, I started listed to you music like a year ago and i fell in love with most of them. I really wish i could see you in person but unfortunately im from a small country called Guyana. I love you taylor swift, you are a big role model to young people.

I'm Just A Fan | Reviewer: Macy Andrea | 8/25/13

Hi I'm not that big fan of you I'm just a fan not biggest I started to be a fan of you just last year because of my aunt she like you very much when i sleep with her it just I'm already a fan of you..I'm Macy Andrea a girl from Philippines

almost every one of your songs are awesome | Reviewer: katie tha brony who luvs taylor swift | 7/25/13

you are awesome but i notist a few of your songs are not cool only because you told what the person's name was and that's kind of too offensive ._.' despite that you are my hero and i wish i could meet you in person :3 oh and my friends told me put this:::WE LUV U TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome singer of universe.. | Reviewer: Athrong Orson | 7/1/13

Hy Taylor no 13.. i am ur biggest fan, i love the way u compose the song,lyrics, performances n everything about you.. but i am so sad that i am an Indian.. i cannot come in US to see ur concert but i hope one day i'l got an opportunity to see ur concert in reallity.. love u

my idol | Reviewer: hannah | 6/28/13

taylor swift is my idol i love her so much she inspires me i want to be just like her on my wall i have information about her and pictures of her name i love her so much i love her songs i love her personality she is the best singer ever i went to her concert and she blew my mind with the singing and outfits she rocks i love her so much u should to

taylor swift your blowing my mind away | Reviewer: kudz | 6/22/13

So i just want to say how much i love you because u inspire me in every thing i do i have listened to every song you have and im coming to your concert on july 6 i tots love you i would do any thing if you could get me famouse like you.........loves you //2 fans ah