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U are my idol | Reviewer: Grace | 12/28/12

Hi i am grace I am ten years old and want to be a famous singer one day.i always try to email you but it never works. But me and my friend peyton want you to look up on youtube peyton and grace singing safe and sound. i sing the second part, you know "Don't you dare look out your window darlin' everythings on fire....." please look at this video and tell me if you like it by clicking comments.
Thankyou hugest fan,
P.s Thankyou for writing music it has really inspired me and if had never done that I never would have even bothered to sing. Thankyou for being everything you are.

mariah | Reviewer: mariah | 12/29/12

love you so much. i have ferlesscd and redcd i never went to a concert never.never met you but want to alot love your songs. i want to be a singer . in my free time ising all the time. you are the best singer and i'm not justsaying that because to kiss up its true. i'm making a book all about you . i try to mrize your songs . too taylor swift

I want to be you : ( | Reviewer: Millie | 12/28/12

I want to be a singer when I grow up haha and we have like the same voices haha how cool I'm your biggest fan really I am and I haven't seen any of your concerts cries because you never come to Singapore why can't you come to
Singapore please

I'm your biggest fan | Reviewer: Millie | 12/28/12

I'm your number 1 fan I want to see you I love all your songs I have golden hair like you and my voice my birthday is on December 14th I was born in England I love candy I have a cat called Taylor that represents you and I'm only 10 But I'm your biggest fan but you never come to Singapore so I haven't seen you but I still love you :)

Hey there Taylor! | Reviewer: Coleen | 12/24/12

Hi, i'm Coleen from Iloilo, Philippines. Taylor, the truth is i'm speechless. I'm a super duper mega huge fan of yours, but we are not that really rich so instead of buying your albums i just download all your songs...........especially this year your album red it has many superb songs. i wish and hope that i can see you in personal face to face and hug you......wishing you all the best and keep up the best! Coleen

Clivtie :) your BIGGEST fan <3 <3 <3 | Reviewer: Clivia Nicole Isaacs | 12/24/12

Hi,Taylor Swift the first day i listened to a song of you,i got excited and i just started to love you.I will always be your #1 fan.It would be awesome to see you. LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU!!! <3

.. I WANT TO BE YOU | Reviewer: MA. RICA MAE LACAP | 12/20/12

.. ilove u taylor as my favorite bigstar singer eversince , since when im grade 4 till u persue ur dreams i always watch ur musicsvideo in youtube !! ilove also number 13 like u !! i like everything u want ! now im thirteen and i want to be a star like u !! some day !! ilov u taylor !

this is me : MA.RICA MAE LACAP


You are my American Idol | Reviewer: VuochLeang | 12/18/12

I do like all your songs.But the most is Tear drop of my Guita and Red and We are never ever getting back together.I do love your style especially not really sexy like another singers.I hope you still keep your style.The best style <3 Not so sexy ok?I'm your fan of Taylor Swift 4ever from me Cambodian girl <3

Taylor Swift #1 fan | Reviewer: Maikhi Bryant | 12/15/12

Hi im a big fan of you your biggggggggggggggggggggest fan i love all of your music my favorite number is 13 and my favorite color is yours.i love country music but i love your music the best i love you and your band. love your fan

i am the one and only greatest fans of you in india | Reviewer: asmita seth | 12/12/12

i just love your songs,specially love story,mine,you belong with me and also red.i am such a great fan of yours that i have bought a guitar like yours and of your favourite color.i am 13 years and i have a cell phone full of your songs.i just have a big wish to meet with you once in my life.thanks

Inspiration | Reviewer: Kokotso | 12/11/12

I love your songs because they always talk about real life all the eperiences you have gone through in life and sometimes i can understand what you are talking about.keep inspiring young people.

I love you!! | Reviewer: Kaia-Rune | 12/10/12

You are amazing! i love all your songs and they inspire me, i am only 9 years old but i write songs myself! i love you Taylor you are so awesome, and someday i will attend a concert, because i am such a big fan.

Taylor Swift , my IDOL <3 | Reviewer: Camille | 12/5/12


YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Samantha | 12/3/12

I love you so much. You are so awesome. My dream is to meat you in person! I am so glad you are on this earth!!!
LONG MAY YOU LIVE!!!!!! PLEASE stay being awesome, not like you need to try anyway! Keep inspiring people like you do!!!!!!!!
I love your new song I Knew You Were Trouble, it is awesome!!!!!!
I hope you read this! And nice job at the AMA's.BYE BYE!!!

Pegicorn<3 | Reviewer: Nicole | 12/2/12

Hello Taylor!My name is Nicole! i'm from the Philippines! I'm a very huge fan of yours. Your songs are awesome.Because of you I met my love<3 He likes you too! we are always talking about you. Because of you I really get to know what is the real love. please don't change and always make some good songs that inspired all people.BTW the one that i love he never know that i love him hope i can tell him soon!

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