Adore. | Reviewer: Taytum | 11/27/12

i adore you. you're actually my inspiration,i live in lasalle il. and i know ill never get to meet you. but your songs are the best things, i listen too, i can connect to you fully. considering i have alot of time on my hands because im still in junior high, and not many people like me. but what i do know, is someday i want to be just like you. and ill never give up the thought of meeting you.
~taytum. from lasalle lincoln junior high.

ILY <3 | Reviewer: Tessa Henderson | 11/26/12

Hi I just wanted to let you know that i have been a big fan of yours well 4ever I <3 ur music because i can relate to it so much your song Mean changed my life because it finally got me to stand up for myself and your music it just makes me feel like im perfact and there is nothing wrong with me. I am doing a prezi on you and would love it if you would check it out thanks 4 all u have done
<3 Tessa Henderson

ur my favorte singer | Reviewer: samantha | 11/21/12

HEY, taylor i really like we r never getting back together thats such a good song and when im ur age i wanna be a country singer like u my favorte number is 13 too!!!!!!! :D love ur biggest fan ever more than anyone samantha

I love u | Reviewer: Afnan | 11/19/12

HI my name is afnan I'm made fun at school a lot I loved you ever science I was 4 and a half I'm 11 now and I have all your songs on my phone. That song mean was so related I'm not bullied anymore I'm at a new school. Thanku for being fearless. I will LOV u till I die

Dont have a lot of money and live in a trialer falling apart with hopes and dreams | Reviewer: Destiny Roland | 11/19/12

Taylor you are one of my favorite country singers you have bin my idol ever since i could remember. i live in pa and have 2 sisters that also see you as there idol. I am currently in a very bad situation but its because of you that i still keep moving on every day.

LOVE YA! | Reviewer: Skye (biggest fan evz!!!) <333 | 11/18/12

My name is Skye.:) you have been my idol since i was 5 years old. i am 12 now. and i will always love your music for as long as i live. i was reading your biography and noticed that we surprisingly have alot in common! favorite # is 13. :) i love you and the way that you always perform your songs with a smile and confidence. P.S- You are amazing...n i swear that i am your #1 fan!!! =) (You will always be my idol) :) <333 Plz write back!!! (it would awesome if you did!)

#1 idol in my life =D | Reviewer: Yestine<3 | 11/15/12

HI Taylor Allison Swift,its me Yestine,11 y/o,from philippines.Did you know that your my ULTIMATE MEGA SUPER VERY HUGE FAN of YOU.I always listen your songs ANYTIME and EVERYWHERE,my IpodShuffle almost contain all of your songs.My classmates idolised you too.BTW,i just wanna ask something,do you have a sister?...I know you have a brother.Thats all next time again I have so much to ask and say to you BYE IDOL=D HATE,HATE,HATE(joking) YESTINE=D

i love u | Reviewer: poornima | 11/15/12

I to love singing a lot but my parents tell only to study so u are the idol of me and i love u a lot i want to become a fashion designer and i hope u will read it and i love ur all songs i love u

Oh, Taylor Swift! | Reviewer: Alison | 11/11/12

Hello, Taylor Swift, I'm 12. I love u very much, all the songs contained in my ipod is sung by u... Ur sound is very sweet to hear, ur perfect in everything. But, Taylor Swift, in my opinion u look better in ur curly hair than ur straight...but its ok. Anyway u'll be mark as my fave singer forever, I hope u don't change urself for ur love(coz he love u for the day u're). Take care, may u succeed in every thing u do, bye...! Love u......

musical influences | Reviewer: beverly | 11/12/12

omg i started listening to your music 4 years ago when i was 12, and i still listen to them even though most poeple in my school make fun of me for loveing country but i love it becuase i grew up in wyoming wich was very country and ive loved it ever since! i idole you becuase you dont do drugs and the other bad things other celbrities do wich is a major influence with your fans. i aslo LOVE your musical style how its so "pure" and open about love and life and the many chalenges people face in the world :)<3

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE JUST LIKE YOU | Reviewer: December Parker | 11/9/12

Hi! I love you! And i really want to be as funny pretty nice happy beutiful and so much more that you are :)))


famous singer of my mine | Reviewer: treasa | 11/8/12

hello! you are my favourite singer.i like all of your song among i like best is fifteen. i want to know your new song name .Please show your family photo . reply me letter.
good bye!

Your the BEST ever | Reviewer: A H | 11/7/12

I think your amazing your my hero I have all your songs on tape I wish we could be friends I love to sing and express my feelings I have always wanted to go to one of your concerts thanks for listening

I look a hole lot like you | Reviewer: Taylor jean | 11/7/12

My names Taylor to thats cool
People say I look like you to
Some say I act like you
But how would they know
That's all I would like to
Say hope you read this

#1 fan | Reviewer: jessie <3 | 11/6/12

heyy taylor i love you so much i listen to your song's 24/7. i am a big fan i cant way until you make new songs i lovve yooh so much taylor!!!!!!
love yooh for ever taylor!!! <3 <3