omg | Reviewer: hayley | 10/10/09

omg taylor i love youu. you are wonderful and beautiful i can relate to all of your songs and all of them are wonderful especially permanent marker that is like my favee song of all... i look up to youu taylor your amazing wonderful beautiful.!!!.

OMG | Reviewer: Nyssa | 3/2/09

First of all, I love Taylor Swift. She is such great inspiration. Every one of her songs reminds me of an event, of more specifically a person. Permanent marker reminds me of a boy I dated, and he had an ex who always hung around. He would complain about her, but was nice to her face. I later found out he had kept a pic of her. I was mad, and the pic disapeared from his wallet!

OMG I LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Nicole | 7/30/08

well i really like this song its great..i kow all the words to it...well wait i know all the words to all of her songs im like her biggest fan ever..shes greatt..i go to everyone of her shows wen she in OH. :] and i have all of the t-shirts with her on them..shes just the best and my biggest inspiration..i love her alott:]

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/31/07

I found this song yesterday and I've sung it around 30 times already! Great job Taylor, love yah!!

-We could be a beautiful miracle unbelievable instead of just invisible
-Taylor Swift's "Invisible"

cute<3 | Reviewer: kristi | 12/19/07

i like this song. it reminds me of my current boyfriend and his crazy ex. your songs are great taylor. i can relate to almost all of them, your a true star.

awesome | Reviewer: rose | 10/4/07

ok so i've been overseas and i have never heard one of Taylor's songs before but my BFF came to school after Big Spring Jam and she ws singing this song and i learned the words from her and now we sing it all the time, if someone at our school hears it, they know it's one or both of us singing it and now everyone likes it!

permanent marker | Reviewer: Andrea | 9/7/07

i love you taylor and i love all of your songs but i love permanent marker the best you are so pretty and i love your hair i wish i was you and i wish i was your sister you rock i love you taylor swift

WOW | Reviewer: | 8/25/07

OMG! i love taylor swift. she seems like a very smart & sweet person. I never really liked country until the last couple years, so thanks Taylor & Carrie Underwood. you are both great singers but Taylor i like you best! Permanent Marker was a pretty good song although my favourite is still Picture to Burn!

oh no... | Reviewer: unhappy | 8/5/07

if i had a permenant marker i would probably "X" thru this song on her next CD. sorry i like her but, this song just doesn't do it for me.

Hell yeah. | Reviewer: Katie. | 6/4/07

I love this song. I heard you Play it for the first time at Listener Appreciation Concert 2007. I knew all the other songs, But this one. I fell in love with it.