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Performed by Taylor Swift

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i love it!! | Reviewer: kacey=) | 4/27/09

ok when i first heard this song i fell in love with it!!! i never could stop listening to it!
but it's kind of pointless because 1.romoe and juliet both died and 2.a scarlet letter was worn by people who committed adultery in the olden days. but i still love it!!
whoot whoot!

It makes me think | Reviewer: Sweety | 4/16/09

Everytime I hear this very song, I think of my boyfriend and where it says 'we were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes and the flashbacks start- I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air' I think back to yr 2 and I think of those feeelings when he said hello and I couldn't breathe. We both remembered that moment and talked about it. When I knew what he felt when he said hello, I couldn't speak because he pretty much felt the same way.

This song is the reminder when I met my Boyfriend and I will never for get it.

Small change | Reviewer: Nancy | 4/14/09

I love this song also, but there is one correction you should make. In the 6th paragraph, it should say, "I was a scarlet letter". It is a term from days long ago, and the way you have it now, just doesn't seem to make sense. If you have any doubt, I would suggest you check with a music store on the sheet music. Thank you.

It's a fine song | Reviewer: Nando | 4/14/09

The song is not bad, but the analogy is stupid, romeo and juliet isn't a love story, it's a tragedy so it realy doesn't apply here, in the song she gets her happy ending, in romeo and juliet they both die in the end

Amazing | Reviewer: Carly | 4/7/09

this i think is the best song yet. my opinion, but yeah. it is the best yet. i can't believe how good her songs are, they are about seperate things and i haden't heard of her untill 3 months after she came out. i hope i can get more of her songs. she is wayyyyyy better than hannah montana/ miley cyrus

love story | Reviewer: gabby | 3/31/09

i love this love story song because it makes me feel happy andn think of my aunty because use to love that song so i do because it my best aunty best song so it makes me love the same song as her iv love lovestory it is the best there is no other song like it i repeat there is no other song like it ilove love story we even sing every time that song comes on and i dont have the remote i would fight for. too listen to it ilove love story it is the best

a real love story | Reviewer: juliet | 3/31/09

This song really describes my relationship with my friend, my parents dont want us to be together and its so hard.
every since the moment we've heard it he became our song.
any one who has the same problem as i- dont you ever give up !!!!
romeo, i love you the most!!

Song | Reviewer: Maddigale | 3/27/09

I love this song so much. It just makes me so happy to think about love like that! With that disclaimer established, I just wanted to make a comment about the video..
It kind of made me laugh, because the top part of the outfit she was wearing while standing on the balcony was similar to the underwer of the time she is relating the song to. It just made me laugh. But I still think she looks wonderful, and I love her voice :)

nice song!!! | Reviewer: cristina | 3/27/09

it was fun who create this was never realize like juliet nice song.....This song should be called, "love story of MY life" there is this girl who is dating one of my friends, and i'm in love with her, so the first half of this song reminds me of my life, just switch the genderal pronouns around

god bless!!!

woop | Reviewer: aly | 3/8/09

this song is goood
omg romeo and juliet was on last night!
i love that movie. its so messed up though
seriously, they fell inlove one day, the next the day they got married and then the next day they died together. rofl and shes 13. thats so wierd, i can't believe it was like that back in those days,
nah this is an awsome song. i like the lyrics. although hey are pretty ordinary , they are still very good (Y)
and shes only 19 sooo eyah

dont stop your voice from singing | Reviewer: CHRISTINA | 3/1/09

I'm like your BIGGEST fan i loved love story but i think white horse was the BEST!!! Remember im your #1 fan and don't stop youre voice from what it and what you love.

from christina your #1 fan byebye Taylor and p.s its a privlege for the world to hear you magisal voice

Remix | Reviewer: Taylor | 2/1/09

Have you heard the remix yet? Its really cool! I love Taylor's dress in the music video for love story... It's so beautiful!!!
If you haven't seen Taylor's performance for the Country Music Award, you have to look it up on YouTube and watch it!! It's incredible!!!

< 3 | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/30/09

Omg I loveee this song!!! It's pretty much my story lol. I'm in a relationship with this guy that my dad doesn't want me to date. So we have had to keep it a secret,and even though that's's well worth it. He's my romeo and he's already saved me : )

Your Best Yet! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/09

I can't believe how good her songs are. They keep getting better, even when you think that she can't get much better. She is soooo pretty, I wish I looked like her. I wounder how she does her hair...

...Keep on singin' Taylor:) ;)♥♥♥♥

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/09

The guy that wrote on Dec.1 is now my awesome boyfriend. He showed me the blog and it made me think a lot about it. Now we are dating and it has almost been a month. My best friend is also dating his best friend.

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