FUCK OFF- GET LOST | Reviewer: TaylorSwifty | 9/24/13

@getlost FYI: I'd slap you but I don't want your face to look any better. Taylor Swift is beautiful and insanely talented, unlike you.
This song is awesome. Love IKYWT so much :)

reply to anonymous | Reviewer: ff | 9/14/13

You are just jealous because you are rubbish at singing and you will never be as good as Taylor Swift.You probably couldn't write songs as good as her either because you are completely useless.No jokes loser.

this is cool | Reviewer: andreina cortez #1 fan | 6/5/13

taylor swift i love you and your song i am your #1 fan i wish i can see you and get your autograph and keep it forever


GET LOST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/13

this song sucks bitch no one likes it okay so stop being such a mother fucker taylor swift once you have kids and get married like you ever will its going to lead you to divorce and then your going to live in sin for the rest of your fucked up life so fuck off taylor swift

one direction | Reviewer: destiny | 3/12/13

I've tried playing it cool but when I'm looken at u I can't ever be brave cause u make my heart raise shot me out of the sky ur my kipedanight u keep maken me weak ya frozen and can't breath:-)