Good | Reviewer: Grace dollar | 6/4/13

Hey Taylor swift or whom this may concern I am in love you much more than this song but this song relates to many things in my life and I'm in middle school and I went to your concert in April in Atlanta ga I LOVE YOU okay bye -grace

I almost do | Reviewer: Swiftie 4 Life | 1/14/13

Hey. I just love this song. But I think u added a line. I may be wrong cuz I have a really bad memory anyway,I think u added a line in the chorus. The line was I hope u know that. Kk bye. Love #1 swiftie

Love this song! | Reviewer: Jenn(: | 10/22/12

This is probably my favorite song from RED- well, who can have a favorite! Haha(: I loveeeee RED! I got it today, well my mom got it while I was @ school(: anyways this song just touches me....I really like it(:
Go Tay Tay! Swiftie for life!(: