Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/10/11

Wow! I relate so much to this song. I met a guy when I was a kid and then lost connection. We met again a month ago and this exact song happened to me. Our first kiss was in his backyard, we were painting pictures in the sky and listening to the crickets sing. It was magical.

this is a beautiful song | Reviewer: emma | 3/6/11

i love this song so much its me and my bf's song. we live in the woods and go to school,church and ect. together. it fits us because i try to hide my country livin style and he only knows i am from a southern family. i even sang this to him at church. he loved it. =)perfect song!

This song is so true to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

Well I really love this song, and I have been playing it nearly non-stop recently. And yeah, when I play it I'm thinking about a certain guy. Were not going out... yet... But if I picked one song about the way I feel about him, this would be it!

love the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

i have this ex-bf that i felt this way about and i still do because he is the only person that i trust on telling everything about. i love the song and i can really relate to this song a ton. keep singing taylor swift!

wow, this one hits home | Reviewer: Ashlee | 3/29/08

theres this guy ive known for a long time now and its just like us, we've been there for eachother through the worst of times. I can say or do anything and nothing would make him think any less of me. btw, its a great song

i love this song | Reviewer: whitney | 3/20/08

this song relate to me so well but the guy i like we are not going out i wish we were, it kinda like the other girl said its my brothers friend well i'm just saying is that this is a really good song

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

there is this guy at my school and he is my best friends brother and when i am with him i feel like i can say anything and do anything so this song relates to me so much i want him to know how i feel but i just don't know how to tell his sister

Beautiful Song! | Reviewer: hayley | 11/30/07

I absolutely love Taylor Swift! She is the most amazing singer in the world! This song is so cute! I love it!