my song....describes my situation perfectly!! | Reviewer: justagirlinlove | 11/16/07

I love Taylor Swift!! she's amazing and this song is perfect for me!! it makes me want to cry everytime i listen to it! im in love with my best friend and he has no idea! i know everything about him and he tells me everything. we're together all the time and everyone knows we r basically attached at the hip. im the one that's always there when he gets hurt and i hate seeing him like that and just wish he could see that im the right one for him!!....his favorite color is green, he loves to aruge with me to get to me, his younger sister is gorgeous, and he looks like his dad.
i hate just being the best friend.:( it's so hard....

This is my song right here..... | Reviewer: Courtney | 11/11/07

You hit the nail on the head when u wrote this song it is like ur looking into my life it is totally my song 4evr...I like 3 guys and one of them is currently dating my best friend and i totally cant tell him or her! But i talk to him thru email and if she knew she'd kill me and he loves her and never leave her but this song should be dedicated to those 3 special guys in my life I love yall even though yall dont even know!
Love Love Love

Taylor Swift is really swift! | Reviewer: Lovelygirl | 11/8/07

Taylor Swift sings so pretty. If I could sing as good as her I would love it! The things she says are what I sing in the shower, or at least about what she sings. Love, and not being able to tell someone when you love them or hoping it would work out. I wish it would work

i luv this song | Reviewer: kari | 10/2/07

this is one of my fav songs by here she is awesome and this song sounds soo much like me its creepy

LOVE IT!!! | Reviewer: Kayla | 9/24/07

I love Taylor Swift! She writes the most amazing songs, and I can relate to almost every one of them. It's great. She's beautiful, and has an amazing voice. And she seems so down to earth. More artists should be like Taylor!

one of the best and sexiest country singers ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/07

yeah taylor swift is one of my favorite singers the fct thst she is beautiful helps too. my favorite song by her is i'd lie and tear drops on my guitar those songs were writtin great

Simply Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

Now, I don't usually listen to country music at all. However, I've been going through so much lately in life, as I'm sure all of you teens, older and younger, are. This song hit me right where my heart is, and I simply fell in love with it. My cousin had introduced it to me, and I just couldn't stop listening. <3

<3 | Reviewer: Kelsie | 7/6/07

I love all of your songs. They relate to things im dealing with on such a personal level. Keep the great work coming! Ill keep listening! PROMISE

She is my favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

Taylor swift is simply the best... no one can ever top her, she is an amazing artist who gives 100% of her heart in every song that she sings and with every trum of her gutair... she has inspired me to sing and play the gutair just like her!!