Haley | Reviewer: Chaning | 1/29/14

Look the name justin Caught my eye cause I knew someone when I was younger with that name and I thought I was in love but before I could tell him he moved. Now, at least 7 years later he's still in Ohio and I'm in tx. Not to long ago I got a Christmas card from him and he's hotter than EVER but if I never moved on I would have never met my boyfriend. I'll never truly be over Justin Arnet but now I know everything happens for a reason and even if he was still there I moved 3 hr from there. Ps. My new boyfriend matches this song except his bday is 17 days before mine

My sad story | Reviewer: Emily | 4/20/13

When i was in primary school i just met a guy who was tottaly cute and handsome and he was in my grade i was usually made to sit with him n i was happy for this coz i had fallen in love with him n seriously i was at first his only frnd at school coz he was new there and he used to call me his best frnd but i was shy so i couldn't tell him that i loved him i used to give him candies i didn't liked and got for lunch and he was happy for that and one day he kissed me on my hand and i was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy i was overjoyed i finally came to knew he loved me! but then after a few days he left only my bff knows this story it was a sad end.

In a situation | Reviewer: Selena | 4/20/13

Most of the taylor swift songs explain my situation especially this one i've met this cute and hot guy at school he is really poular n i love him we did alot of things like annual comcert announcment and plays together but i can't tell him how i fell i'm just confused i told my rival who once used to be my bff that i loved him she had also did a dance with him in a play so she told me her fellings that she loved him too and we were like OMG! but then she told me she was over it and started teasing me and telling my secret to other people to shut her up i told her i was over it too but i wasn't i still love him a few days ago i told my true and new bff that i really love that guy she just laughed and teased but i knew she didn't meaned it now i wish that somehow he think of me and some miracle could happen and he tell me that he loves me plz pray for me that this happen............

wow i feel this way too!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/12

One of my best guy friends is one of my crushes. And he keeps on asking me who likes him! I just keep on telling him I'm not gonna tell but if i break it to him I'm afraid it will ruin our friendship and make it awkward..... Idk wat to do!

<3 | Reviewer: Dayana | 8/4/11

I love all her songs <3 I'm the girl who ppl expect to be rockin out to heavy metal but instead ur gonna find me screamin her lyrics in the cars <3 This song is amazing, all her songs are amazing!!! I love how with every line some memory comes up that make me smile. This makes me all sad and nostalgic, seeing as i'm in love with my best friend for 2 years and have this dedicated to him <3

I'm sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/11

Wel... I'm a boy and I have to say that this is the song that every guy would like to know that a girl dedicates him! I'm confused beacuse I love taylor's songs! I keep listening to them all day long. But my girlfriend tells me "You're so gay 'cause you listen Taylor Swift" but I'm still thinking she's one of the best songwriters. When I hear this song I remember all the times I've been with a girl in a passenger seat and we've been talking and I've been dying to tell her everything I felt. This song makes me happy.

sooo true!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/09

this song is soo me, because i like this charming guy who hasn't a clue that i like him!! he has an amazing, beautiful, and super pretty sister!!! his fav. color is green, he has his fathers eyes and is born on the seventeenth and i love him!!!! thats me!!!

THIS SONG IS ME!!!! | Reviewer: friendship | 3/26/09

This song is 100% me because i really like this guy who i talk to every day esp. on aim. His sister is extremely beautiful and he always ask me advice on realtionships..the problem is he is going out with one of my best friends!!!! Yeah ik drama---i didnt tell my bff tht i like him but i think she knows and i dont no wht to do cuz i like him but i dont want to ruin friendship with him or my bff (especailly hard for me because he is older!!)
This song always makes me =D feel better =D

top secret | Reviewer: noemi | 3/1/09

i loveee this song! first time i heard it, it reminded me of him,that one guy that is impossible. every time i sing it, it's only him i think of. he's myHotness.haha. he always has a way of making me smile yet he's such a jerk. for the past 3 years it's always been him. sure there has been other guys but in life, people only want what they cant have. but i'm still waiting, having that hope.

Broken hearted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/09

This song is perfect. I had a crush on my best friend since the 8th grade. He was always dating this other girl (who is a major b****). On our graduation day, I finally told him how I felt. After I told him, I just walked away. I found out yesterday that he's engaged to that same girl. I haven't seen him or talked to him in almost a year so I shouldn't still feel this way (should I?). It's eating away at me, but if he came up to me, or anyone else, and asked if I still felt the same way, I'd have to lie. It's the easiest thing to do.

The song is true!! | Reviewer: Tara Hylton | 2/3/09

Every word of this song is how i fell and i jus love the song<I was sitting at my brothers c.p and got bored so i started playing this song and it match's every thang in feling right now but still if anyone asked me if i liked him i'd lie!!!!!!!!!!

OH WOW | Reviewer: in the dark | 1/18/09

wow. i truely love this song...i fell for my best guy friend and now im so stuck...i honestly love him and we dont sleep together or anything but we act as a couple and sometimes kiss...but hes hung up on 2 of his ex's...im so clueless on what to do...i tried to tell him how i feel but i get to scared...what do i do? will i get over it in time...i know i really love him ive never felt this way before.

It really hurts | Reviewer: Haley | 1/8/09

I used to have this neighbor,and his name was Justin. He was a year or too younger than me. I really loved him. Everyone told me it was a crush, but I knew better. It hurt me to be away from him. Every little thing reminded me about him. I talked about him ALL the time. So much that my friends that didn't even know him were already sick of hearing about him. This song is exactly how I STILL feel about him. His birthday is August 17th too. Its kinda weird. I never talk to him, because I moved. I have no way of getting in touch with him. I love him still today, and regret not telling him how much I cared about him every minute of my life.

emotional song | Reviewer: kate | 1/1/09

wow. this song is amazing. I'm not going through this right now, but the funny thing is that a few months ago my friend showed me this song and said it reminded her of me and the guy I was with. of course I wished I had fallen in love with the song before me and him had revealed our feelings for each other ... and just now I am falling in love with the song ... it hurts a lot ... to hear this song and know that that is how I felt about him a year ago. I def agree with Sigi that I'll remember him as my first love, because although I don't think he truly loved me ... I loved him. <3 so here's to mike -- I know you'll probably never read this, but if fate leads you to, please know how much I loved you.

if only he knew | Reviewer: Sigi | 12/23/08

my boyfriend is an amazing person, dont get me wrong, i like him alot, but before him, there was this other guy. We cared about each other alot and we "loved" each other, right up until I saw he was dating someone after sweet talking me and so I knew he wasn't in love with me, but I still have feelings for him, your first real love is something to remember forever and to never be forgotten because it is a special moment in your lives.