A reply for Katy Benn | Reviewer: UniqueGirl | 11/2/12

It is from her personal experiecnce (John is John Mayer) just thought I gotta let you know! Anyway I love how she express her feelings in so meaningful words! Love u Taylor!!!

Dear John Review | Reviewer: Katy Benn | 11/17/10

This song took me about three times to love it the way I do now. The reason why is because its over six minutes long, longer than any of her other songs in her Taylor Swift and Fearless albums. Normally it's- if it's slow and long it's gonna be boring, which was my first thought when I saw the song. Then I listened to it, read the lyrics at the same time, my heart twanged and I instantly felt like it was not long enough! It made me shed a few tears as I listened to the in- depth of the song, the emotion, the pain in her voice, how horrible this guy was to her. We can hear a little bit of anger and resentment in her voice but she disguises it so its a guilt trap for him, making him regret what he did to her. She proves she's not a weak person because he made her that way by saying she wasn't knocked down like he knocked all those other girls down, she became stronger than ever, making her voice stronger as she sang it- 'I'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town'.
'the girl in the dress cried the whole way home' makes you picture the whole situation. She was just a girl who was pushed around, messed about with by this bored guy who made her fall in love with her just to break her heart. 'don't you think I was too young?' ending the whole song with a strong- 'You should've known'.
My favourite quote from the whole song is, 'I look back and regret how I ignored when they said run as fast as you can'. The 'run as fast as you can' bit is sung with empathise and emotion that you just feel strongly about this song, you believe what she is singing about. This is no doubt one of my favourite all time songs. Even if it's not from her personal experience, it's still a brilliant song... but I'm betting it is. Because all her best ones are.